GDT improves highway and street coverage with new versions of its Dynamap street and address databases

LEBANON, N.H., May 8, 2002 — Geographic Data Technology Inc., a developer of premier map databases, today announced that the new quarterly release of its Dynamap street and address databases includes enhanced information for the nation’s 600,000 miles of highway to improve routing and navigation applications.

The quarterly release also includes new street and address information along with a 12 percent increase in positionally accurate database features to provide current information that accurately models real-world conditions.

GDT’s mapping technicians have reclassified and validated Arterial Classification Codes within all GDT street and address products. The Arterial Classification Codes (ACCs) are GDT’s unique roadway classification system that identifies roads by type and usage for better functionality within routing applications.

For the 600,000 miles of the top ACCs representing major highways, GDT has verified elevation information, connectivity and name consistency to allow for the creation of better and more direct routes. An analysis of traffic flow patterns through highway interchanges has led to improvements in GDT’s data modeling specifications and increased QC checks that will enhance highway routing applications.

The newest versions of GDT’s Dynamap products include nearly 18,000 miles of new streets. With these additions, GDT data products provide coverage for 6.9 million miles of streets throughout the U.S. and Canada to ensure that customers have consistent, complete, and current coverage in both large metropolitan areas as well as in small towns and rural areas.

Along with improved street and address coverage, the new database releases include enhanced and verified positional accuracy for 1.4 million miles of roadway representing 61 percent of the U.S. population. Repeated tests using the most current and reliable standard for measuring spatial data accuracy consistently show that GDT’s realignment efforts achieve 7 to 10 meter accuracy, usually exceeding the 12-meter accuracy levels of other commercial databases.

“These database enhancements represent our commitment to provide complete and accurate coverage throughout North America,” said Mike Gerling, GDT’s president and CEO. “Our unique data compilation process makes us experts in change detection and management so that we can provide customers with the most current information available to power a variety of geospatial applications.”

About GDT
Geographic Data Technology, Inc. is a developer of map databases that provide the foundation for location-based applications. With more than 20 years experience in data management and compilation, GDT excels at bringing together a myriad of data resources to create spatial products and services that help businesses and consumers manage, understand and analyze geographic relationships.

GDT provides cartographic data to major GIS vendors and is the data provider for software and web mapping programs. GDT data is used for routing, web mapping, emergency response, site selection, risk analysis, facilities management, and a host of other applications. With a focus on nationwide coverage, GDT offers customers complete, current and comprehensive geographic products for North America, Brazil and Argentina. GDT employs more than 500 people at its Lebanon, NH headquarters. For more information, visit the GDT web site at

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