GE introduces transformer protection technology

General Electric (NYSE: GE) is rolling out a bushing monitoring system for transformers that can detect unseen problems, keeping the power on and avoiding transformer failures for utilities.

With the average cost of a transformer in the millions of dollars and bushing failures being potentially catastrophic in more than half of the cases, the Intellix BMT 300 helps protect against the cost of the transformer, the loss of revenue during the downtime and the collateral damages and reputational consequences that a transformer failure can create.

The Intellix BMT 300 includes:

·      Continuous monitoring for early recognition of developing bushing faults to avoid catastrophic failure.

·      Partial Discharge activity detection for faster identification of potential arcing faults.

·      Condition-based maintenance and replacement of bushings resulting in less downtime, fewer site visits and lower costs.

·      Integration with GE’s Kelman TRANSFIX DGA analyzer and PERCEPTION software for a view of the entire transformer health.

·      One-source supplier installation and service, ensuring proper communication and minimizing the administrative burden to provide lower total cost of ownership.


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