GE Power Systems announces new sensor product line that combines Hydran with moisture measurement

HANNOVER, GERMANY, April 11, 2003 — GE Power Systems has announced that its Substation Automation Solutions business has developed a new addition to its Hydran® monitoring instrument product line with the release of the Hydran M2, which monitors fault gas and moisture in oil. The announcement was made at this year’s Hannover Fair.

The Hydran M2, an extension of the existing Hydran 201 product line, conducts continuous field measurement. Monitoring is accomplished with a single valve installation; no additional oil lines are required. With the Hydran M2, moisture levels in oil are provided as relative humidity percent and also ppm. The product also includes four discrete 4 to 20 mA inputs which can be used for additional sensors, such as temperature.

“The new technology in the Hydran product line allows us to measure moisture in oil, an additional indication of the condition of this critical asset, thus helping to avoid a potential equipment failure and an unscheduled outage,” explained Carolyn Shockley, general manager for the Substation Automation Solutions business, based in Atlanta. “This development is consistent with our focus on using technology to help our customers reduce costs with better products.”

The Hydran M2 is a combination of two products in one. It is a moisture level sensor for the evaluation of dangerous conditions such as bubbling temperature and asset management information such as rate of aging of the insulation. The product is also an intelligent fault monitor that reads a composite value of gases, in ppm, generated by faults and provides output capability for communications. As with the existing Hydran product line, the Hydran M2 avoids the use of any pumps or moving parts, ensuring maximum long term reliability.

The Hydran M2 will communicate with existing or new Hydran networks, FARADAY® tMEDIC Transformer Management Systems and GE Automation products such as the iBOX à¢â€ž- substation controller and the D20 and D25 intelligent electronic devices. In addition, the product interfaces (4 – 20mA) with GE products including the FARADAY® TMCS Transformer Management System and GE TMAPà¢â€ž- & LTC-MAPà¢â€ž- products.

The product has numerous features. It includes an expanded history logging of data and events at adjustable rates; adjustable alarms on gas, moisture and analog inputs and flexible alarm configuration for levels and trends on all inputs; sensor and system self-test and diagnostics; remote or local configuration, sensor calibration and program upgrading; and full stand-alone capabilities when a host computer is not required.

GE’s comprehensive transmission and distribution automation assemblage includes expert services to cost-effectively manage and execute substation automation projects, from design engineering to installation and commissioning. The collection of services is complemented by an assortment of products and solutions such as controllers and intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), portable test equipment, and transformer management systems which enable utility personnel to further improve asset performance and network reliability.

About GE Power Systems

GE Power Systems ( is a supplier of power generation technology, energy services and management systems with 2002 revenues of nearly $23 billion. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, GE Power Systems provides equipment, services and management solutions across the power generation, oil and gas, distributed power and energy rental industries.

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