GeoEye, Esri launching GeoEye Image Pack for Esri customers

Herndon, Va., July 11, 2011– GeoEye, Inc., a provider of geospatial information, is launching GeoEye Image Pack for Esri ELA Customers on July 11, 2011, with its partner, Esri.

Small governments, public safety organizations and utilities rely on geographic information systems (GIS) and imagery to effectively perform regular activities within tight budgets, such as urban planning, economic development and public works.

The GeoEye Image Pack provides an easy way for Esri customers with a programmatic Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) to procure high-resolution data from GeoEye’s extensive imagery archive. The GeoEye Image Pack is expected to be available for purchase on August 1, 2011.

Esri programmatic ELAs are low cost, pre-packaged agreements for small municipal and county governments, public safety agencies and utilities that enable them to put an ArcGIS system in place, quickly and easily.

The GeoEye Image Pack has a three-year term license and delivers the “best available view” for sub-meter, high-resolution imagery products. New collection and event options are also available if no archive data exists or if a customer is responding to a crisis or planning for a major event. The product is comprised of data from GeoEye’s high-resolution satellites, GeoEye-1 and IKONOS, and aerial imagery from MJ Harden, a GeoEye company.

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