Grain Belt transmission line wins partial waiver in Missouri

The Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC), in an Aug. 3 order, granted Grain Belt Express Clean Line LLC’s request for a partial waiver in relation to the company’s proposal to build, own, operate, control, manage and maintain a high voltage, direct current transmission line and an associated converter station providing an interconnection on the Maywood—Montgomery 345-kV transmission line.

As noted in the order, the PSC on July 12 issued an order directing its secretary to reject an application for a certificate of convenience and necessity filed by Clean Line Energy Partners’ Grain Belt Express for failing to file the 60-day notice required by a PSC rule and authorizing Grain Belt Express to refile its application after submitting a 60-day notice.

In the July 12 order, the PSC said that it would consider a request to waive the requirement that Grain Belt Express wait 60 days from the date of the 60-day notice before refiling its application because notice of a likely contested case was effectively given as of June 30, when the original application was filed.

On July 12, Grain Belt Express filed a 60-day notice and a request for partial waiver of the 60-day notice requirement, asking that the PSC deem the effective date of the notice as June 30, thereby allowing Grain Belt Express to refile its application any time after Aug. 29. The PSC added in its Aug. 3 order that 10 days have elapsed and no party has objected to the company’s request.

The PSC said that it “finds the request reasonable and will grant it.”

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