Graviton working with Barrington Consultants to launch new wireless transmission and distribution management services

LA JOLLA, Calif., Oct. 29, 2001 – Graviton, Inc., today introduced wireless monitoring services that give utilities ability to remotely and continuously monitor the status and maintain the security of their transmission and distribution assets.

Graviton develops sensory network solutions to remotely monitor and control equipment and maintain surveillance of a broad range of facilities, including substations.

The service launched today utilizes Graviton’s wireless-sensory-network and data-management technology, combined with utility-grade sensors manufactured by Barrington Consultants, Inc., a developer of monitoring solutions for electrical transmission and distribution equipment.

“Graviton’s new T&D Management Services constitute a tremendous breakthrough because they give electric utilities round-the-clock insight into their transmission and distribution systems,” said Janette Sinclair, Graviton’s chief marketing officer. “Utilities that deploy this solution will in many instances be able to detect potential problems and fix them before equipment failures occur. That translates into improved customer service as well as significant reductions in O&M costs by minimizing equipment replacements and physical maintenance and inspection requirements.”

Sinclair added that the Graviton solution “is readily installed, highly cost effective, uses proven components and will pay for itself in less than two years for the average customer,” noting that it will supplement and extend existing SCADA systems.

Power outages and other power-quality disturbances cost the U.S. economy upward of $120 billion a year, according to the Electric Power Research Institute. Graviton completed development and testing of the solution earlier this year.

Key features of the Graviton service include:

* Ability to continuously monitor power generation and distribution equipment, such as power transformers, load tap changers and cooling equipment

* Ability to react to environmental changes by remotely activating fans to pre-cool equipment

* Graviton’s wireless sensors transmit data to a gateway that manages communications between the local network and Graviton’s Data Management Center

* Customers have secure, browser-based, round-the-clock access to their data from anywhere in the world, including access to current and historical data and reports

* Customers are immediately notified whenever exception conditions are detected; notification is via e-mail, pager, PDA or whatever method the customer requires

About Graviton

Graviton provides comprehensive monitoring and control solutions for businesses and individuals. It does so through its unique integration of next-generation telesensors, industrial-grade wireless networks optimized for sensor traffic, and data management software designed to cost effectively and efficiently synthesize sensor data into actionable outputs. Through these wireless sensory information networks, Graviton makes it possible to improve security, reduce the cost of doing business, efficiently control machines and devices, and conserve human and natural resources.


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