Greenvity showcases smart metering technology at DistribuTECH

At DistribuTECH, Greenvity Communications is showcasing a smart meter range extender that demonstrates Greenvity’s patented power line communication (PLC) and wireless bridging technology using an smart meter for multi-dwelling units.

The PLC and wireless bridging technology is based on HomePlug Green PHY and ZigBee standards. It uses Greenvity’s Home Gateway Controller (GV-Controller) and GV7011 system-on-chip (SoC) to bridge ZigBee data and commands from a smart meter to existing power lines as the backbone link to all suites inside a building.

The PLC and wireless bridging demonstration uses Greenvity’s Hybrii GV7011 SoC with a smart meter to extend its range by bridging the meter data from ZigBee to PLC in order to pass through obstacles (such as walls and concrete).

Greenvity’s GV-Controller module (home gateway), also powered by the GV7011 SoC, is placed in each suite and it can bridge smart meter data from PLC to either ZigBee or WiFi enabling two-way communications between the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the smart meter. Greenvity’s smart meter extender solution supports Smart Energy Profiles such as SEP 1.x and SEP 2.0.

Greenvity will be demonstrating the smart meter range extender in Greenvity’s booth #801 at DistribuTECH, held Jan. 28-30 in San Antonio, Texas. Greenvity will also demonstrate its recently announced GV-Controller, GV-LED and GV-Sensor IoT solutions.

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