Hourly load profiles lead the way to profits in Texas electric markets

DURHAM, N.C., Oct. 15, 2002 — Jackson Associates recently announced a new license agreement with a Texas REP (retail electricity provider) for MAISY Hourly Load and Utility Customer Profitability-Related Products.

While the momentum towards deregulated markets has slowed in much of the country, competitive activity is heating up in Texas, according to Dr. Jerry Jackson, president of Jackson Associates, a Durham, North Carolina utility customer database development and energy analysis firm.

“Now that most billing problems and other difficulties in the Texas system are being resolved, REPs are finding that focusing on customer profitability has a dramatic impact on REP financial performance.

“Separate tariffs for transmission and distribution, profile-based settlement procedures, cost of service issues and limitations of ERCOT-provided customer information make the evaluation of customer profitability so difficult that many Texas REP’s have been ‘chasing kilowatt hours,'” says Jackson.

“Our clients are surprised when we provide a customer profitability assessment which shows how much money they are losing on some of their customers and how little profit there is in many of the market segments that they have targeted. What really drives the point home is the fact that many of these customers were expected to provide significant profits based on old perceptions developed in regulated markets.”

More detailed information on the MAISY competitive market applications in Texas and other states is available at: http://www.maisy.com/txcmc.htm.

New product development, strategic pricing, customer profitability analysis, market segmentation and DG technology and economic analysis have become important factors in determining REP financial performance in the current Texas market. MAISY Utility customer databases used for these analyses have been developed from information on more than 800,000 customers providing 8,760 hourly loads data, customer bills, building structure, equipment, operating and other characteristics.

A detailed description of Jackson Associates is available at http://www.maisy.com.

Source: Jackson Associates

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