Houston inks electricity supply agreement with NRG’s Reliant

Houston, April 4, 2012 – The city of Houston has signed a new electricity supply agreement for Reliant, an NRG company, to power city hall and its other facilities for three years.

In addition to saving the city roughly $30 million annually, the contract provides an opportunity to purchase renewable energy credits and supports the city’s Hire Houston First initiative.

For the past four years, Houston has led the nation in the amount of green energy it buys compared to other local governments in the U.S., according to the EPA‘s Green Power Partnership.

The city’s contract with Reliant enables it to keep purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs) to reduce the environmental impact of its electricity use. Renewable energy credits are created when electricity is produced using resources such as wind, solar, biomass or hydropower. By purchasing RECs, the city ensures that an amount of electricity equal to what it consumes is generated from renewable sources.

Under the agreement, which begins July 2013, Reliant has committed to supporting the city’s Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise program by purchasing 15 percent of the electricity needed to power the city from a certified MWBE.

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