IBM Internet of things technology helps Fingrid keep power on

Fingrid, Finland‘s main electricity transmission grid operator, has selected IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) technology to help drive transformation in the electricity industry and ensure uninterrupted service for customers.

Using networks of sensors and IBM‘s advanced analytics, Fingrid has pioneered a new solution called ELVIS which provides system operators with a consolidated view of the entire electricity transmission grid, from long-term plans to the day-to-day management and maintenance of assets and infrastructure.

Keeping the power flowing through Fingrid’s electricity grid is a daunting task that requires a holistic understanding of grid operations, maintenance and safety issues. Fingrid wanted to push the boundaries and find new ways of boosting reliability, controlling costs and supporting better investment decisions.

In the past, Fingrid had to collect data from disparate systems and databases manually, which could take days, if not weeks, to get all the information required for root cause analysis.

IBM’s IoT based solution increases the automation of the system helping Fingrid to quickly identify issues and optimize maintenance scheduling and management. In addition, by connecting asset information with geographic location and financial data, the company can use sophisticated graphical visualizations to better understand maintenance and operating costs.

Fingrid tapped IBM for an IoT solution in which system modules are connected to one another in a flexible manner ensuring the integrity of data moving between them. The ELVIS (an acronym of Electricity Verkko Information System) solution combines IBM Maximo software with other mission-critical systems, including ArcGIS mapping software from ESRI, Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management from Oracle, and, for the mobile-user interface, SAP Work Manager.

Other system modules include geospatial asset modelling from Schneider Electric ArcFM, protection calculations from Electrocon CAPE, network calculations and network model management by Siemens PSS E and PSS ODMS, and the management of protection settings and testing IPS-EPIS Enterprise from Intelligent Process Solutions.

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