Ice storms leave 900,000 without electric power in U.S. Midwest

Snow and ice storms in the U.S. Northeast and Midwest have left some 900,000 businesses and homes without electric power, with Pennsylvania being among the hardest hit states.

States affected by power outages include: Maryland, West Virginia, Arkansas, New Jersey, Kentucky, Delaware, Ohio, Virginia, Indiana and New York.

Exelon reported 503,800 without power in Pennsylvania and FirstEnergy has 76,300 affected customers in the same state. Pennsylvania Power and Light (PPL) has 62,300 customers without electricity.

In Maryland, Exelon reported 59,600 without power. In West Virginia, FirstEnergy reported 39,000 affected by power outages.

In Arkansas, Entergy has 37,300 reported customers without power.

In New Jersey, PSEG reported 27,200 without power. FirstEnergy has 10,000 customers without power in New Jersey.

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