Intergraph and Keigan Systems team to produce Geomedia Grid

ATLANTA, June 13, 2002 — Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions, in collaboration with Keigan Systems of London, Ontario, Canada, recently announced GeoMedia® Grid.

This new product enables advanced grid analysis within a single GIS environment. Combining the strengths of vector GIS with the power of grid analysis tools, GeoMedia Grid allows users to seamlessly apply grid workflows from within GeoMedia.

GeoMedia Grid is a new and fully integrated version of MFworks for GeoMedia. All of the previous MFworks for GeoMedia facilities have been converted to a series of Microsoft® component object model (COM)-compliant development objects and placed directly within GeoMedia 5.0.

These new objects are accessible to the end user through a set of standard GeoMedia commands. GeoMedia users can efficiently perform spatial analytical tasks such as surface analysis, density mapping, and Map Algebra, all within an intuitive mapping environment.

With this new product, developers can rapidly create custom commands using non-proprietary languages such as Microsoft Visual Basic® and Visual C++®, allowing grid processes to be effectively and tightly integrated into day-to-day operations. In addition to all of the previous functionality of MFworks for GeoMedia, GeoMedia Grid includes a number of new key features such as:

— Grid to feature class conversion
— Feature class to grid conversion
— Grid reprojection (support for all GeoMedia projections and datums)
— Grid layer to warehouse attribute connectivity
— 3D visualization (including free-fly and flight-path modes)
— Grid layer Map Algebra through a map calculator
— Improved interpolation tools including Thin Plate Spline
— Support for Intergraph grid files

GeoMedia Grid will be available in July of 2002. For more information about GeoMedia Grid, visit our Web site at

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