Itron announces agreement with Tampa Electric Co.

Spokane, WA – September 20, 2002 — Itron Inc. has reached an agreement with Tampa Electric Company (TEC) to provide the investor-owned utility with software to optimize the design of its distribution system assets.

Itron will also implement the software, incorporating TEC distribution design standards and construction practices, and interfacing it with TEC’s work management and GIS systems.

TEC serves roughly 600,000 customers over 2,000 square miles in central Florida. Under the terms of the agreement, TEC will utilize Itron’s LD-PRO engineering design software to efficiently design distribution assets in its service territory.

TEC will begin with designs for the underground distribution system and progress to overhead applications in time. As part of the effort, TEC and Itron developed a five-year master consulting agreement, under which Itron will provide a number of consulting services.

TEC cites service area growth and diligent cost control as primary drivers in adopting Itron technology and services.

“We are very focused on reducing costs while continuing to provide the reliable service our customers have come to expect,” says Joe Wiley, director of business restructuring at TEC.

“We believe Itron’s technology will enhance our ability to deliver reliable electric service and lower our ongoing costs by allowing us to optimize our distribution system expansion. We expect to reduce the cost of materials and the overall field engineering time required for a given project. Beyond their technology, we are relying on Itron’s technical knowledge and project management expertise to achieve our objectives.”

Wiley also expects LD-PRO to result in more consistent application of TEC construction standards from one field engineer to the next – across TEC’s service area. In addition, the software will facilitate revisions to the standards and provide a means of benchmarking and tracking performance improvement.

The agreement represents a significant expansion of a successful partnership between Itron and TEC, which already utilizes Itron’s industry-leading MV-90 data collection and management software for commercial and industrial customer metering points, as well as Itron’s MV-RS meter reading software.

“We believe that Itron can be an important strategic partner for us,” says Wiley. “We’re excited about the direction that LD-PRO will take us toward optimizing our distribution system, and we’re impressed with the breadth of industry knowledge and technology that Itron brings to the table.”

Russ Vanos, vice president and general manager of Itron’s Electric Systems Business Unit, believes TEC is taking an important step toward maximizing operational efficiency and reducing costs, while providing better customer service than ever before.

“TEC is far from alone among electric utilities in facing a host of operational challenges that demand attention,” says Vanos. “Itron is better positioned than ever to address these issues with technologies and services that enable utilities to maximize asset utilization, reduce costs and ensure the kind of system reliability that keeps customers happy. We look forward to a meaningful and far-reaching partnership with TEC, including the optimization of their distribution system.”

About Itron
Itron is a technology provider and critical source of knowledge to the global energy and water industries. More than 2,000 utilities worldwide rely on Itron technology to deliver the knowledge they require to optimize the delivery and use of energy and water.

Itron delivers value to its clients by providing industry-leading solutions for meter data collection, energy information management, C&I customer care, load management and demand response, transmission and distribution system design software and services, and web-based workforce automation.

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