Itron signs licensing agreement with MeterSmart

Spokane, Wash., Oct. 8, 2002 — Itron will license its MV-90 Enterprise Edition software to MeterSmart/UDRI as a data management platform for providing web-enabled services to the utility industry.

MeterSmart/UDRI also announced that it will participate as a Knowledge Partner in Itron’s MV-90 Enterprise Edition Development Partner Program, which provides software developers and services providers that develop solutions built on the Enterprise Edition platform with technical and marketing support.

As part of this agreement, Itron will develop a translation interface module (TIM) to be integrated with the submetering products of MeterSmart’s subsidiary, E-MON L.P. This will allow both companies to offer the submetering products to the utility sector, demonstrating Itron’s commitment to fielding new or previously unavailable value-added services to the markets it serves.

“The development of an MV-90-based submetering solution will be an exciting product for utilities to offer to their commercial and industrial customers,” said E-MON President Don Millstein. “This will create new revenue streams and service offerings for utilities already using Itron’s system. Submetering can also be used by utilities as a way to differentiate their service offerings to new customers while strengthening relationships with existing ones,” he said. As a result of this partnership, MV-90 Enterprise Edition’s value to a utility will expand beyond the revenue meter to monitoring individual end-use points such as lighting, HVAC, production equipment or an entire department.

About Itron

Itron is a technology provider and source of knowledge to the global energy and water industries. Itron provides solutions for meter data collection, energy information management, C&I customer care, load management and demand response, forecasting solutions and consulting services, transmission and distribution system design software and services, and web-based workforce automation. For more information on Itron, please visit

About MeterSmart/UDRI

MeterSmart/UDRI ( is a subsidiary of Dallas, TX-based Hunt Power, L.P. Through its operating division, MeterSmart markets E-MON utility-grade meters and submeters with Utility Data Resources, Inc data collection, processing and web-enabled data applications to help utilities and their customers save money.

MeterSmart’s flexible, scalable line of utility meters, submeters and interval data collection recorders meets today’s need for advanced utility metering, data collection and real-time energy information.

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