JCP&L Partners with electrical trade union to enhance power outage response

Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) formed a partnership with a local electrical trade union to provide damage assessment and public safety resources to help speed the outage restoration process following a severe storm or other major event.

Known as the JCP&L-IBEW Local 102 Emergency Response Team, the initiative will include International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 102 members who will be available for dispatch following major storms to protect the public from downed wires and other hazards. In addition, the program will enable Local 102 members to supplement JCP&L’s existing personnel by helping to assess damage to company equipment.

In September, a formalized training program will begin and is designed to incorporate participating Local 102 members into JCP&L’s storm restoration process. Ultimately, it is expected about 400 members of Local 102 will begin classroom instruction and field training at a JCP&L facility in Phillipsburg. This new process also will provide JCP&L additional operational flexibility with its own workforce during severe storms or major events.

In addition to helping assess damage and protect the public, Local 102 members may also be able to address other electric-related work, such as repairing damaged connections on a customer’s house, hooking up generators and helping at water distribution and power charging stations.

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