Kreiss Johnson Technologies introduces OPEN Partner Program

SAN DIEGO, Calif., May 22, 2003 — Kreiss Johnson Technologies (KJT), a developer of power information management solutions in San Diego, has introduced its OPEN Partner Program. OPEN is KJT’s vendor-independent, power information management system for utilities and the large commercial and industrial companies they serve.

The OPEN Partner Program invites all companies manufacturing power and energy-related hardware to attain an equal support status for their equipment within OPEN. KJT partners offer a comprehensive network of resources that meets the hardware and integration needs of power monitoring and diagnostic applications.

“Today’s utility-grade power monitoring products are predominantly vendor dependent,” comments David Kreiss, KJT’s founder and president. “OPEN uniquely embraces all hardware platforms. With the OPEN Partner Program, we are able to guarantee that OPEN software works seamlessly with each of our partners’ products.”

The OPEN Partner Program is comprised of two program tracks: Product Partnerships and Distribution and Consulting Partnerships.
· Product Partners offer products that complement OPEN
· Distribution and Consulting Partners implement OPEN and provide value-added services.

Three levels of participation within each program track provide partners with different benefits, such as ongoing product device-driver compatibility and cooperative marketing opportunities.

The OPEN Product Partnership

OPEN Product Partners offer best-of-breed products, technologies, and services that significantly extend the functionality and value of OPEN. The ‘OPEN Ready’ insignia is awarded to products that have met KJT’s rigorous standards for integration with the OPEN platform. By providing complementary solutions that have certified compatibility with OPEN software, hardware vendors may tap into KJT’s customer base to seize new market opportunities and increase market share.

OPEN product partnerships are separated into three program levels:

1) Foundation Partners share technical support, training, and API and device driver documentation with KJT, enabling KJT to support their products within OPEN.

2) Premier Partner products complement and interoperate with OPEN software. These products are tested rigorously by KJT, have guaranteed device-driver compatibility, are fully supported by KJT, and carry the ‘OPEN Ready’ insignia as a mark of quality, compatibility, and market readiness. In addition, KJT cooperatively markets its premier partners’ products.

3) Strategic Partners work closely with KJT to develop and market their products to current and prospective OPEN customers. Significant resources are committed to this task by both parties, including dedicated sales and technical resources and a mutually agreed upon market development fund (MDF).

Square D/Schneider Electric has immediately signed on as a Premier Product Partner. KJT and Square D/Schneider Electric have worked closely to provide official ‘OPEN Ready’ status for Square D/Schneider Electric’s entire PowerLogic family of monitoring, protection, and control devices.

“For our customers, being a Premier Partner will provide extended and complimentary power management solutions,” said Rob Smits, global product line manager, at Square D/Schneider Electric. “For Utility T&D and Energy Service Provider customers, ‘OPEN-Ready’ status clearly communicates our entire PowerLogic product family interfaces seamlessly with OPEN and benefits from its advanced power quality diagnostics and energy analysis.”

The OPEN Distribution and Consulting Partnership

Distribution and Consulting Partners represent consulting, service, and product companies that have proven industry experience in power monitoring and diagnostics, offer additional value-added services that customize or extend OPEN implementations, and generate OPEN sales referrals and implement OPEN for their customers

Distribution and Consulting Partners provide direct customer referrals and receive sales and technical training to prepare them to promote OPEN within their customer base. The ‘OPEN Certified’ insignia is given to partners who have completed KJT’s extensive training, indicating they are experts on KJT’s latest products.

Distribution and Consulting Partnerships are separated into three program levels:

1) Referral Partners are those companies who simply want to refer potential customers to KJT. These partners receive a straight revenue percentage for referred customers who purchase OPEN.

2) Value-Added Referral Partners are companies who offer additional products or services that help extend the OPEN solution. Many companies offer unique products or consulting services that customize OPEN to meet organizations’ individual needs. These partners are validated by KJT and carry the ‘OPEN Certified’ insignia to demonstrate their training and expertise with power monitoring and diagnostics implementations.

3) Strategic Partners work closely with KJT to develop specific market segments and geographic regions not traditionally covered by KJT. Significant resources are committed by both parties at this level, including dedicated sales and technical resources and a mutually agreed upon market development fund (MDF).

Contact KJT for complete details on its OPEN Partner Program at (858) 259-0711 or For more information on KJT and its OPEN product line, visit

About Kreiss Johnson Technologies

Founded in 1994, Kreiss Johnson Technologies (KJT) delivers intelligent power information management platforms that meet the demanding needs of utility companies and their commercial and industrial customers.

About Square D/Schneider Electric
As a Premier Partner, Square D/Schneider Electric has worked closely with KJT to provide “OPEN Ready” support for its entire PowerLogic family of monitoring, protection, and control devices..

Square D/Schneider Electric offers a comprehensive range of energy reduction and reliability solutions including web-enabled LV and MV electrical distribution products, power quality monitors and correction equipment, power and energy meters, programmable control equipment, and engineering services.

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