Kuhlman Electric Corp. partners with Dynamic Ratings Inc.

January 21, 2003 — Kuhlman Electric Corporation and Dynamic Ratings, Inc. announced Tuesday that they have established a joint marketing agreement, in which Kuhlman provides installation and services for Dynamic Ratings Monitoring Control and Communications (DRMCC) systems in the United States.

This agreement provides utility customers with application, design, hardware, and installation support for retrofit applications, all from a single source – Kuhlman Electric Field Engineering Services. The Dynamic Ratings control product line provides users with the ability to load transformers 10 to 20% higher, and with greater confidence, compared to a static thermal rating.

This additional overload performance capability enables users to defer capital purchases, resulting in significant, measurable cost savings. In addition, the control system provides on-line aging calculations that can be used to calculate the optimum time to replace the transformer or upgrade the substation.

The monitoring, communication and control features of the Dynamic Ratings DRMCC System provide a complete control solution for medium and large power transformers, all in one device.

“- Monitoring is provided for single or three phase amps, volts, watts, vars, frequency, tap position, ambient, oil temperature, winding hot spot, insulation loss-of-life, tap changer status, LTC diagnostics, cooler status, on-line DGA and moisture-in-oil. The system provides a forecast for the top oil and hot spot temperature based on the thermal response of that specific transformer, the load on the transformer and the ambient in the substation.

“- Control is provided for both cooling and LTC operation. Predictive cooling control is provided for up to 4 cooling stages. On Load Tap Changer control includes built-in paralleling control with circulating current, master follower, VAR sharing and reverse reactance all included.

“- Communication features include RS-232, RS-485, fiber optic and optional 10 base T. Protocols include DNP 3.0, Modbus, Hayes and TCP/IP.

Traditionally, the loading guides have been used to prepare static thermal ratings for transformers with various ambient and operating conditions.

However, by utilizing a thermal model customized for the specific transformer, the DRMCC is able to provide users with added overload capacity. The control platform, developed by Wilson Transformer Co, was initially introduced in Australia, Pacific Rim and the UK. Now, with over 7 years of field experience in these geographic areas, this product offers one of the few situations where a new technology is introduced in the US that already has several years of proven history.

“This joint agreement provides Kuhlman key customers with the innovative value added products and services they have come to expect – year after year,” said Brian O’Leary, VP Sales & Marketing, Kuhlman Electric Corporation. “It is a natural fit with the growing Kuhlman Field Engineering Services offering to the electric utility industry.”

“We have seen a very strong level of interest from many of the utilities,” said Tony Pink, General Manager of Dynamic Ratings, Inc. “This agreement allows Dynamic Ratings to work with the customer and Kuhlman to develop the optimum transformer control solution for that specific customer’s needs. By having the customer, transformer OEM and the control supplier all working together, we are finding better solutions at lower cost and implementing these solutions much faster.”

About Kuhlman Electric Corporation

Kuhlman Electric Corporation, founded in 1894, is a manufacturer and designer of medium power, distribution, and instrument transformers for electrical distribution systems serving residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout North America and around the world.

Kuhlman employs approximately 700 people in its two manufacturing facilities located in Crystal Springs, Mississippi and Versailles, Kentucky. Kuhlman has built a solid, professional reputation with over 100 years of providing quality transformer products and services to North American electrical utility and industrial customers.

For more information, please contact Richard Adkins at (859) 879-2777 or via email at richa@kuhlman.com . Please visit the company’s web site for more information located at http://www.kuhlman.com .

About Dynamic Ratings, Inc.

Dynamic Ratings, Inc., located in Menomonee Falls, WI is part of the Wilson Transformer group of companies, headquartered near Melbourne, Australia. Wilson Transformer, founded in 1933, is the largest transformer manufacturer in the Southern Pacific region.

The Wilson Transformer Group activities include design, development, manufacture and service of distribution and power transformers up to 250MVA in a number of countries and a joint venture with TJ|H2b for oil and SF6 testing and diagnostics. The Dynamic Ratings subsidiary, utilizing Wilson’s transformer expertise, was established to independently develop, manufacture and market power transformer control and monitoring systems. For more information, please contact Tony Pink via email at tony.pink@dynamicratings.com or visit the company’s web site at www.dynamicratings.com.

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