Landis Gyr markets SCADA software suite to distribution automation customers

Atlanta, January 22, 2010 — Landis+Gyr and DC Systems have entered into a licensing agreement that allows the company to market DC Systems software products for controlling distribution automation systems, while further integrating those products into the Gridstream family of smart grid solutions.

Landis+Gyr will market a suite of products called SCADA Center that include applications for controlling Gridstream DA devices, process automation and monitoring and reporting on system events.

Many of Landis+Gyr’s customers currently use DC Systems products for advanced control of distribution automation systems.

The SCADA Center software suite provides an integrated system for controlling field devices such as reclosers, sectionalizing switches, interrupters and capacitor controllers.

The acquired data can then be viewed by operators directly, using SCADA Center, or be served to other higher level corporate systems, such as EMS, DMS, and OMS.

It also optimizes bandwidth in the Landis+Gyr RF mesh network by using the intelligence built into the Landis+Gyr RF radios to analyze data changes before reports are sent.

The addition of SCADA Center to the Gridstream solution set will allow Landis+Gyr customers to deploy a fully integrated distribution automation and advanced metering network with a single point of contact and support.

In addition to expanding the types of end devices supported by the system software, Landis+Gyr also has the option of developing interfaces with its advanced metering operating software for enhanced gird monitoring capabilities. Landis+Gyr will begin distribution and support for SCADA Center in the first quarter of 2010.



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