Letter from the publisher and editor

By Michael Grossman & Pam Boschee

As you can see, we’ve introduced Electric Light & Power in a new size this month. We’ve responded to readers’ and advertisers’ comments about wanting a more compact version of our magazine—making it easier to take along in a briefcase, more manageable on a bookshelf. Although the magazine’s size has changed, our editorial content continues to deliver news from all aspects of the electric and gas utility industries. You’ll find our regular sections just where you’ve always seen them.

PennWell takes pride in the fact that for many years—in fact, for more than 81 years—readers and advertisers have valued our magazine’s North American energy business content and its ability to deliver advertising results. Given the robust competition of business-to-business publications, we’re proud to have succeeded for this many decades. Others, through their failure to satisfy demands of both readers and advertisers, failed. Some enjoyed only short-lived press runs, while others struggled for life, yet ultimately succumbed. In the last couple of years, a few well-established mainstays kicked the inkwell—with nary an ink smear remaining.

EL&P’s strength and longevity can largely be attributed to its ability to change with the times. This magazine has achieved the noteworthy balance of being broad-based enough to cover all aspects of the electric and gas utility industries while also providing the targeted topics that provide our advertisers with prospective buyers.

In EL&P, advertisers reach more subscribers at investor-owned electric utilities than possible with any other publication in our business. Within those electric utilities reside the decision-makers who are involved in the acquiring, recommending or specifying for their company’s purchase of products and services.

Advertisers are assured that EL&P is welcomed on the desks of these decision-makers because our magazine is 100 percent directly requested by our subscribers.

In fact, a recent Baxter Research Co. ad readership study (May 2003) found that 75 percent of the respondents reported taking some purchasing action during the past year as a result of ads and/or editorials appearing in EL&P.

Advertisers, given this result, you’ll be particularly interested in our premier EL&P Products & Services Directory, which will debut in our first issue in 2004.

Our editorial covers every aspect of the North American energy industry.

We deliver business news and provide insight into electric and gas utilities, generation, transmission and distribution, financial, legal and regulatory issues, and review information technology, customer systems and electric and gas trading trends.

Content exclusive to EL&P includes our monthly Equity Index, Benefit of Counsel, and Management Methods columns.

Our exclusive annual utility financial rankings (September) and utility operating performance rankings (November) have proven to be consistent favorites among our readers and advertisers.

You’ll find our magazine at IEEE/PES T&D in September, Chartwell’s Energy Marketing and Customer Service Conference in October, POWER-GEN in December, and DistribuTECH in January.

It’s the time of year to begin planning our editorial content for next year, and you can be sure that we’ll continue to pique the interest of both readers and advertisers. EL&P’s new size is only the beginning. Be sure to watch us in 2004—you won’t be disappointed.

Editor’s note: This month, we’re introducing a new contributing editor, Kevin T. Williams. He provided a guest commentary in May 2003 and will now join us monthly as our attorney contributor for the Benefit of Counsel column. Williams is a long-time reader of EL&P, dating back to the 1980s. He recently shared his observations about our magazine in a letter to the editor, which you’ll find on page 8. Click here to view the article

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