Lockheed Martin, Convergent, Princeton Power Systems to install energy storage in Maine

Princeton Power Systems, designer and manufacturer of technology products and embedded software, provided 100 kW grid-tied inverters to a Lockheed Martin 3 MWh energy storage system launched by Convergent Energy project in Boothbay, Maine.

Prior to the commissioning of the project, the Boothbay regional transmission lines were targeted for a costly upgrade to connect to Maine‘s broader electricity grid. While the new interconnection would have greatly improved the reliability of the existing electrical infrastructure, the residents of Boothbay would have been required to pay electric rates five times higher than their current bill.

Convergent Energy + Power teamed up with Lockheed Martin to step in and provide a solution, leveraging advanced power converters, energy storage and controls, including Princeton Power Systems 100 kW grid-tied inverters.

Princeton Power Systems’ GTIB-100 G1.2 was chosen for its high-reliability and energy storage integration features, given the remote location of the Boothbay region. The technology is a 3-phase 100 kW four-quadrant converter with the same advanced microgrid functions as its predecessor, the GTIB-100. It is designed for advanced batteries, solar, on-grid and off-grid applications. The company has deployed 60 MW worth of GTIB systems to its customers.

The 3 MWh system has been commissioned for the purpose of alleviating peak summer power reliability issues in the Boothbay area. Since then, the reliable energy storage technology has improved the power grid by making it more affordable for businesses and residents in the local area and deferring the need for costly transmission line upgrades.

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