Melard Technologies and PointServe partner to deploy wireless handheld PCs to customers in utility market

Armonk, N.Y. and Austin, Texas, Feb. 11, 2002 — Melard Technologies, Inc., a provider of ruggedized hardware, application software, and related computer peripherals for use by the mobile workforce, and PointServe, a provider of enterprise software that powers dramatically better customer service through service supply chain optimization, today announced that PointServe will resell Melard’s SIDEARM All-Terrain Handheld PC to their customers in the utility industry.

PointServe will offer all of their SIDEARM customers the ServiceLogicà¢â€ž- Rapid Deployment Program (RDP), the industry’s best-in-class system for wireless, automated workforce management. RDP is unique in the industry because it delivers a complete solution in 45 days, not a product demo or simplified pilot version.

“The SIDEARM All-Terrain Handheld PC is great for our customers because it is reliable, rugged and intuitive to use,” said Ron Beck, chief operating officer at PointServe. “Our Rapid Deployment Program includes only best-of-breed products, such as Melard’s SIDEARM which is a top choice because of wireless connectivity, tech-friendly keyboard, speed, power, expandability, toughness and optional features.”

“Working with PointServe is a great way to quickly deploy SIDEARMs to users in a variety of markets,” said Russell Schmidt, senior vice president, sales and marketing at Melard. “With the Rapid Deployment Program we can get 30 technicians completely up and running within 45 days. Once the SIDEARMs are in use, we work with PointServe to quickly demonstrate success, as RDP provides more reliable, responsive service to our customers, as well as timely, accurate and complete management reports concerning field service operations.”

The SIDEARM is equipped with integrated wireless communications and an advanced power management system that provides service technicians with up to 12 hours of continous use. It is built to withstand heavy wind and rain, and it can easily handle the worst spills, dirt, inclement weather and accidental drops due to its environmentally sealed case, shock mounting and integrated bumpers. For service technicians on the road, these features are crucial as computers are often tossed into the truck or dropped while on the job.

SIDEARM features a high-powered integrated radio (with dipole antenna), easy-to-use keyboard and touchscreen, powerful StrongARMà¢â€ž- processor, optional scanner, and USB and serial ports. The very low failure rate of the SIDEARM lowers the cost of ownership by significantly reduced downtime.

Through SIDEARM, service technicians have wireless access to service orders, which provide them with the location and description of each job. When technicians have questions, they get real-time answers from the home office. Upon completion, job status and the completion codes for each work order are transmitted back to headquarters, via SIDEARM’s wireless connectivity. A number of SIDEARM’s optional features are currently used by cable service technicians, such as Global Positioning System (GPS), transflective-enabled screens that offer better visibility in widely varying lighting conditions and a 1-D bar code scanner.
For more information about PointServe, visit their web site at

Melard Technologies, Inc. is based in Armonk, New York. Additional information is available on the company’s web site at

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