MidAmerican Energy Company selects Intergraph’s InService solution for mobile work force management

December 5, 2001 – Intergraph Utilities today announced that MidAmerican Energy Company (MEC) has purchased Intergraph’s InService Mobile Data Dispatch solution to streamline service order and trouble dispatch work.

The common dispatch platform, coupled with more than 350 mobile seats, will help MEC fulfill its corporate mission to provide superior customer service. MEC serves 1.3 million gas and electric customers in a 10,600 square-mile area from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to the Quad-Cities area of Iowa and Illinois.

With InService’s Mobile Data Dispatch component, MEC can manage all dispatch activities from a single, flexible environment and more efficiently incorporate its dispatch workflow into a comprehensive Geospatial Resource Management (GRM) system, enabling seamless sharing of data within the company’s operations and engineering environments.

The InService dispatch technology will be integrated with Logica’s Work Management Information System (WMIS), Intergraph’s G/Technology solution for electric and gas facilities management, and an existing M3i outage management system. Without operator intervention, InService’s autodispatch capability will perform same-day workload balancing of elements such as crew location, shortest route, type of work, cost of service, customer priority, and time.

The fully redundant InService environment also provides a decision-support framework with Web access for users and management.

“The InService environment will further leverage our AM/FM/GIS investment and provide more precise information to MEC crews performing gas and electric work,” said Terry L. Smith, operations manager for MidAmerican’s Delivery Services Resource Management Project. “The commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) nature of the InService architecture provides a lower overall cost of ownership than other systems we considered. Reputation and product vision were critical to our decision, and Intergraph has a proven track record with MidAmerican over the past 12 years that gives us confidence in our decision.”

In June of 2001, MEC decided to upgrade to Intergraph’s next-generation G/Technology. With this addition, MEC’s vision expands to include Intergraph’s InService work force management technology. “This move solidifies MidAmerican’s vision of a GeoSpatial Resource Management environment in which seamlessly integrated operations and engineering applications enable enhanced customer service,” said Kevin Hitt, vice president of Sales and Industry Consulting for Intergraph Utilities & Communications.

Intergraph Utilities & Communications Background Information

Intergraph Utilities & Communications provides Windows NT-based geospatial information technology for companies around the world. Geospatial Resource Management (GRM) for electric, gas, pipeline, and water and Geospatial Operations Support Systems (G/OSS) for communications companies provide advanced integrated solutions to improve efficiency and lower the costs of operating an organization’s facility network. Intergraph’s legacy FRAMME, and FRAMME Web View and Field View solutions are in production at hundreds of customer sites around the world. Dedicated to streamlining the entire workflow, Intergraph also offers inside plant management solutions and the InService suite of products, addressing outage management, workforce management, crew dispatch, and mobile data needs.

Intergraph Corporation is a worldwide provider of end-to-end technical solutions and systems integration. Intergraph’s vertically focused business units develop, market, and support software and services for local and national governments, and for global industries, including process and power, utilities, communications, mapping/GIS, photogrammetry, and public safety. Headquartered in Huntsville, Ala., with offices worldwide, Intergraph common stock trades on The NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol: INGR. Intergraph is located on the Web at www.intergraph.com.

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