MidAmerican Transmission opens joint venture in Canada

Portland, Ore., October 29, 2012 — A Canadian unit of MidAmerican Transmission entered into a joint venture with Renewable Energy Systems Canada Inc. in Ontario, Canada, to sponsor a competitive proposal for the province’s East-West Tie Line project.

MidAmerican Transmission plans to actively compete in the competitive process for already established projects and for projects in development. Future projects will build upon MidAmerican Transmission’s experience in the existing joint ventures of Prairie Wind Transmission and Electric Transmission Texas.

MidAmerican Transmission, a unit of MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co., based in Des Moines, Iowa, is engaged in the development of electric transmission facilities. MidAmerican Transmission has invested in transmission in several regions in the U.S. and is evaluating opportunities to further develop electric transmission facilities in organized and traditional markets in the U.S. and Canada.

Both MidAmerican Transmission and the Canadian unit are wholly owned by MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co. Through its units, MidAmerican provides electric and natural gas service to more than 6.9 million customers worldwide, operates an extensive 18,000-mile electric transmission system, a natural gas local distribution system, and extensive pipeline systems totaling nearly 17,000 miles.

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