New imagery products designed to provide satellite imagery for GIS systems in all government sectors

San Diego, Calif., July 9, 2002 – DigitalGlobeà¢â€ž-, an imagery and information company, announced the availability of QuickBird Orthorectified, QuickBird Color (Pan-Sharpened) and QuickBird Two-Foot Imagery.

The availability of these satellite imagery products further propels DigitalGlobe into the commercial market, as the products address the needs of geographic information system (GIS) users in the commercial and regional, state and local government sectors.

“Many of our customers have been anxiously waiting for these products to become available. GIS and mapping professionals will particularly benefit from these products for their on-going project needs,” said Herb Satterlee, CEO, president and chairman of DigitalGlobe. “As an ESRI Corporate Alliance Program member, DigitalGlobe ensures compatibility between QuickBird imagery and ESRI software packages, enabling users to implement and maintain a successful GIS while leveraging state-of-the-art satellite imagery.”

About the new, GIS-ready QuickBird products:

* Orthorectified Imagery – Highest resolution and adherence to established mapping accuracy standards for users requiring GIS-ready products or for users pursuing analytical applications

* Color (Pan-Sharpened) Imagery – For applications that require feature information derived from color images in combination with the superior resolution of black and white images

* Two-foot Standard and Orthorectified Imagery – Greater detail and higher resolution for applications that require precision identification of features meeting standard mapping scales

* Subscription Program – DigitalGlobe is offering a subscription program, which allows customers to receive regular updates of GIS ready orthorectified imagery for change detection and base mapping purposes.

QuickBird products enable users to identify features, classify image data, detect change, and to use imagery as a backdrop for GIS and mapping applications. Using recent global imagery at the highest resolution available from a commercial imaging satellite, users can map large areas faster with fewer files to manage, process and mosaic, resulting in higher quality products.

DigitalGlobe’s commitment to an open systems approach makes QuickBird imagery compatible with all popular commercial software packages. DigitalGlobe also leads the remote sensing industry with its superior commitment to customer service and support.

QuickBird imagery can be acquired directly from the DigitalGlobe archive or can be tasked by submitting a new collection request. Products and image metadata are delivered on the customer’s choice of standard digital media. For pricing or licensing information, or to order DigitalGlobe imagery, contact the nearest reseller, DigitalGlobe customer service or visit the DigitalGlobe Web site at

About DigitalGlobe

DigitalGlobe is an imagery and information company located in Longmont, Colorado. DigitalGlobe is establishing a market leadership position by providing the highest resolution satellite imagery product offering, the greatest collection capacity, and the largest image size commercially available.

Currently, there are no plans to launch a comparable commercial satellite until at least 2004. The company offers geographic information products through its on-line imagery store, an Internet-based global archive of geographic information available to commercial businesses.


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