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High-power Series Connector


Anderson Power Products’ PowerModHP (high-power) series connector family features touch-safe female housings, cable strain relief and integral positive latches. These safety features, combined with the ease of connector assembly, establish a new standard for cost-effective, high-power connectors. The PowerMod HP Series is RoHS-compliant and rated up to 450 amps for appropriate applications at a 30 C temperature rise. It offers low electrical resistance, provides a minimum of 500 mating cycles and is rated for circuit interruption. These connectors are IP 20 rated (touch safe) for user safety. The integral coding key provides further protection by allowing the user to configure unique mating of up to six connectors.
Anderson Power Products




Free Interface Tool

Emerson Process Management offers a complimentary, innovative new support utility for all Micro Motion customers who use Modbus protocol to interact with their Coriolis meters. The Modbus Interface Tool is a PC-based data delivery system that replaces more than 50 pages of Modbus register data in tabular form with a simple point-and-click spreadsheet presentation. The tool allows users to select, sort and group register data by Coriolis device, Modbus address, datatype or keyword using familiar spreadsheet functions. Communications programmers can dynamically select and organize the information they need, rather than having to scan pages of small print.
Emerson Process Management



Outage Avoidance Technology

Exacter Inc.’s new technology identifies failing equipment that causes power outages with 97.8 percent accuracy in identifying overhead line equipment in failure mode. The company has surveyed more than 50,000 miles of overhead line in 18 months for more than 80 North American utilities. The technology usually is deployed as a turnkey service that begins with multiple drive-through surveys of designated circuits. Exacter filters false readings and identifies specific electrical failure signatures on overhead lines. Using proprietary analytics, the system then creates maps and GPS coordinates of failing equipment. Field teams go to these locations to pinpoint specific poles and components emitting failure signals. The utility is presented a report with maps, pole numbers and photographs of the failing components for preemptive action.



Mechanical Connectors

The new series of transformer and URD connectors feature the new EZ Torque shear-head screws. With no special tools required, the EZ Torque series connectors are installed with an industry standard hex wrench. When tightened, the heads of the screws break-away once the proper torque has been applied. The patent-pending, shear-head design ensures that optimal torque has been achieved for the transformer stud screw and cable port screws. Once installed, screws are removable with the same hex wrench, thus eliminating failures from improper installation.
Thomas & Betts Corp.



Arc Flash Protection

Brooks Utility Products Group’s FlashSentry meter socket locks away dangerous 480 service voltage to protect workers from accidental contact. The Safe-T-Guard barrier isolates the 480 service voltage in a separate, sealable compartment from the 120-volt metering compartment. FlashSentry offers alternatives for meter form conversions, including meter form 12S to 5S for an eight-terminal meter, and meter forms 6, 8, 9, 10 and 10S for a 13-terminal meter. Voltage is reduced by the Two Sockets Two Meters VT Pack with Molex connections or conventional voltage transformers.
Brooks Utility Products Group



AC Power Source/Frequency Converter

AMETEK Programmable Power has established new performance and value standards for 30 kVA to 480 kVA AC power systems with its Elgar XWave high-power AC power source/frequency convertor. The XWave Series delivers affordable, high-power density, efficiency and modular flexibility using advanced MOSFET-based, switch-mode power conversion technology for common AC power source applications, including: product design and acceptance testing to worldwide AC mains voltage and frequency standards; simulation of high-frequency AC bus parameters for aircraft and marine equipment; high-power AC mains power conditioning for sensitive equipment; and replacement of noisy, inefficient, motor-generator sets. A single cabinet can provide 120kVA with multiple cabinets configured for outputs from 120kVA to 480kVA. Its interchangeable components facilitate easy, low-cost, on-site repairs.
AMETEK Programmable Power



Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Moxa’s EDS-G509 is a new entry into its series of full gigabit Ethernet switches that support up to nine gigabit ports with five fiber-optic ports. It provides maximum performance through every port and is ideal for upgrading an existing network to gigabit speeds or building a new, full gigabit backbone. The EDS-G509 enables real-time transmission of massive amounts of video, voice and data across a network by means of full gigabit Ethernet. Top network performance, security and reliability are assured through the EDS-G509’s QoS, IGMP snooping/GMRP, VLAN, LACP, SNMP V1/V2c/V3 and RMON. The EDS-G509 provides long-distance transmission through its versatile fiber ports. The versatility comes from the ability to deploy five combo ports and four fixed TX ports. Multimode, single-mode, and long haul scenarios can be realized with the SFP fiber modules. Four fixed gigabit TX ports also can be used. The series is designed for harsh industrial environments and performs flawlessly in temperature extremes from -40 to 75 C, supports 12/24/48 VDC or 24 VAC redundant dual power inputs and complies with Class I Division 2 and DNV certifications, making the switch ideal for any tough industrial application.



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