Water treatment systems

The modular E-CELL electrodeionization systems for LM 6000 gas turbine-generator sets supply high-purity water for NOx suppression and SPRINT spray intercooling operation. The E-CELL-based water treatment systems provide an alternative to rental water treatment systems and to traditional anion/cation water treatment systems. Unlike the anion-/cation-based systems, E-CELL-based systems do not require regeneration chemicals and can be operated on a continuous basis.

S&S Energy Products

Digital power meter

The new 7600 ION three-phase digital power meter combines power-quality reporting functions with advanced analysis capabilities. The panel-mount meter summarizes detailed power quality data into standard “compliance” information to make benchmarking and verification easier. Focused for transmission and distribution substations or other key distribution points, the 7600 ION meter also offers expanded measurement capabilities (such as “flicker”) and fast transient detection to capture critical events.

Power Measurement

Tablet portable computer

Xenus offers touch-screen tablet technology in a portable computer. With a 400MHz CPU, the lightweight unit could be used for field applications. Resistant to shock, vibration, water and dust, the Xenocom unit has Pentium II, III or Celeron 400MHz processors with 64 MB on board, plus scalability to 192 MB. Weighing 8.15 lbs. in the case, Xenus supports full-featured Windows 98, NT and regular PC applications.


Integrated communications software

The iDEN Organizer is a PC-based software application used to program call lists into iDENplus portables from the user’s PC. Using the software, an iDENplus owner can program or transfer call lists from PC databases into the phone. The iDEN portables stores the call lists as electronic data entries. It’s compatible with Microsoft Windows and i500plus, i700plus and i1000plus models.

Motorola Accessories and Aftermarket


Meter with modem

TransData has developed an internal digital PCS wireless modem for its revenue certified and widely deployed MARK-V energy meter for use in metering installations requiring remote data retrieval. The PCS wireless communications module and proprietary antenna are now fully self-contained with the meter chassis to offer rapid AMR system deployment times.

TransData Inc.

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