New S&C solutions for smart grid introduced at DistribuTECH

S&C Electric Co., in conjunction with DistribuTECH 2013, introduces new smart grid solutions that improve the efficiency and performance of utility power systems. The additions to S&C’s smart grid portfolio include new radios, controls and software that make it easier to deploy and manage grid-based technologies for intelligent power systems.

IntelliCom DA Mesh Radios provide a self-healing wireless mesh network communication for an array of utility automation applications such as self-healing systems, advanced SCADA and distributed energy management. IntelliCom DA Radios are suited for demanding smart grid applications, which require both high-speed and frequent updates of grid data.

The new radios offer a high throughput of up to 60 Mbps and a low latency of just 900 microseconds per hop — approaching the performance of fiber optics.

The new radios also provide reliable Ethernet connectivity with Layer 2 wireless mesh bridging, which greatly enhances fault isolation and circuit restoration speeds in distribution automation applications. IntelliCom DA Mesh Radios support multiple frequency bands on each radio as well as frequencies used in countries around the world.

S&C’s new communicating capacitor controls make it even simpler to deploy volt/var optimization solutions. IntelliCap 2000 controls provide a simple set-up process and offer a variety of control strategies, which streamlines deployment by minimizing the need for custom programming and configurations in a volt/var optimization system. IntelliCap 2000 provide high-accuracy analog inputs of 0.15 percent for increased accuracy in the overall volt/var optimization system, along with harmonic reporting up to the 23rd harmonic. GPS for 1-ms accurate time-stamping and WiFi functionality to enable easy and secure field access are also available.

S&C also introduces the latest version of its IntelliLink Remote Setup Software, which is used with products including IntelliRupter Pulseclosers and 6800 Automatic Switch Controls applied on automatic restoration systems.

A revamped user interface makes it easier to configure devices remotely, access historical and real-time data and troubleshoot equipment. S&C enhanced the software screens to improve the set-up workflow and the data-entry process. IntelliLink Remote Setup Software also now includes support for multiple languages.

S&C is also demonstrating a live PureWave CES Community Energy Supply at DistribuTECH this week. The PureWave CES is supporting real electric loads, and the demonstration shows how the CES can mitigate the impact of intermittent renewable energy generation on the grid to increase power reliability. S&C will also demonstrate how the PureWave CES is automatically connected to loads as a back-up power source in the event of a disruption on the power grid. All new products and solutions are on display at DistribuTECH at S&C’s booth No. 1736.


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