New software package connects and integrates GIS and business information

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., May 6, 2002 — A recently released software package connects and integrates geospatial and business information throughout an organization and provides tools to develop custom client applications.

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions on Monday introduced its newest GeoMedia® products, version 5.0, for mapping, GIS, and IT professionals.
GeoMedia technology is broadly implemented in government and commercial enterprises worldwide. It connects and integrates geospatial and business information throughout the enterprise and provides tools to develop custom client applications.

The GeoMedia product suite comprises GeoMedia and GeoMedia Professional for the desktop and GeoMedia WebMap and GeoMedia WebMap Professional (formerly GeoMedia WebEnterprise) for the Web. In addition, GeoMedia industry products that address workflow solutions for public works, land information, and transportation greatly expand the level of functionality provided in the GeoMedia core products. For detailed product information visit

The enterprise-ready GeoMedia product suite offers a few improvements on older versions.

GeoMedia’s data server technology includes more choices by supporting Oracle 9iâ„-, IBM® DB2®, MapInfo 6.5, and AutoCAD 2002 as well as Microsoft® SQL Server and many other common data formats.

New dynamic query functions include aggregation, analytical merge, buffer zoning, linear analysis, and more, making GeoMedia uniquely suited for what-if analyses on the desktop or over the Web. If a user changes the source data or the parameters of a query, the query results automatically reflect the changes. Users get the most current data for their analyses, enabling better decision support.

Enhanced professional desktop tools help in creating and labeling grids and graticules in the layout window. New text placement tools include curved text, auto-orientation of text to a feature, dynamic leader lines, style overrides without creation of a new legend entry, user-defined line styles, and conflict resolution capabilities.

GeoMedia’s smartmap presentation tools for the Web have rich text, multicolor symbols, and raster transparency. A new vector generalization function ensures that users are creating a map that is appropriate to the client map scale. This avoids wasting valuable Web bandwidth and time waiting for a map with superfluous detail. A new Java applet provides an alternative client-side vector map display technology for customers who prefer a more secure viewing environment.

GeoMedia 5.0 also adds image transparency, supports the ECW (ER Mapper Compressed Image) format, and enables bulk insertion of raster files.

Version 5.0 supports the Web interface initiatives of the Open GIS Consortium (OGC). A configurable application that demonstrates how to build an OGC Web Map Server (WMS) site is delivered with GeoMedia WebMap, enabling customers to create their own OGC-compliant Web site. The GeoMedia 5.0 product suite now runs with the Oracle 9i Standard Edition.

The product suite includes more CAD-like data capture and edit commands, expanded export options to popular GIS or CAD formats for performing local analysis or distribution, and enhanced application generation tools for the Web. In addition, a configurable, ready-to-run Web GIS application increases performance of large map data files over the Web.

New industry-specific workflow solutions significantly expand the level of functionality in the GeoMedia core products. GeoMedia Transaction Manager supports all the industry products with its long term transaction and temporal history workflows.

GeoMedia PublicWorks Manager provides for the creation and maintenance of water and wastewater systems. GeoMedia Parcel Manager delivers powerful parcel and boundary maintenance capabilities. GeoMedia Transportation Manager provides linear referencing system (LRS) maintenance and dynamic segmentation analysis.

Merging traditional GIS with an IT enterprise vision
Unlike other mapping and GIS software, GeoMedia was designed and built from the start as an open, easy-to-use, and cost-effective platform for enterprisewide GIS. Version 5.0 reflects the maturity and proven performance of GeoMedia technology, merging GIS with information technology (IT) and business applications to help customers meet enterprise and operational goals and to enable seamless data sharing across an entire organization.

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