Novatel Wireless demonstrates partner IoT solutions at DistribuTECH

Novatel Wireless (MIFI), a leading provider of wireless solutions that simplify the Internet of Things (IoT), is presenting the latest MiFi Technology Platform IoT solutions alongside partners Mesh Systems, QPCS and Wireless Services Center at the 2015 DistribuTECH conference being held in San Diego, CA, booth 4143.

DistribuTECH is the largest U.S. event that covers the utility industry from end-to-end with 10,000 attendees and more than 480 exhibitors.

The Novatel Wireless booth highlights a comprehensive 3G/4G LTE IoT portfolio of devices with open Linux platforms alongside partner demonstrations:

Mesh Systems designs and deploys turnkey IoT solutions and is demonstrating the Interactive Tap Handles deployed for a leading American brewer and the Intermatic Cellular Billboard Timer, both honored with Connected World Awards in 2014.

·      The beer producer and Sprint collaboration, “Interactive Tap Handles” leverage Mesh Systems’ cloud based IoT/M2M platform, Mesh Vista(R). These beer tap handles for the brewer are designed to display dynamic messages that bring a new element of surprise to the world of digital merchandising and advertising.

·      The Intermatic energy efficient Cellular Billboard Timer enables outdoor billboard companies to operate their signs from anywhere, thus eliminating the need for manual checks. The switch features remote cellular connection via Verizon Wireless, power status, and load monitoring.

·      Both innovations are powered by Novatel Wireless’ smart module, HS 3001.

QPCS, a leading provider of remote HD security solutions, is demonstrating the RSU(R) series of proactive remote monitoring solutions.

·      The RSU (Remote Surveillance Unit) system utilizes video analytics to detect humans/vehicles activities or suspicious objects within set perimeters. The RSU sends alarms to field security personnel and/or the events monitoring command center. This solution reshapes the video surveillance market, taking it from post-crime review to real-time response.

·      The MiFi Powered SA 2100 by Novatel Wireless enables the system to deliver and stream the video events in real-time to security.

Wireless Services Center offers fully managed M2M solutions that include cellular service from multiple carriers along with customer support and management tools, with no CapEx requirement.

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