NxtPhase installs optical sensing system at Arizona Public Service substation

VANCOUVER, BC, May 14, 2002 — NxtPhase Corp., a developer of digital and fiber optic solutions for the electric power industry, Thursday announced the successful installation of a 230 kV NXVCT optical sensing system at the Arizona Public Service (APS) Deer Valley Substation in Phoenix, Arizona.

The system is connected via a low energy signal to an L-PRO line protection relay and then to a TESLA recorder that compares optical sensor performance with conventional measurement transformers operating at the same location.

This installation bridges towards a future fully digital system by integrating new technology alongside conventional equipment in the substation. This is a ground-breaking demonstration of a relay using both conventional and optical sensor inputs.

“This system helps us look towards the future in the use of digital equipment on our network,” said Pete Atwell T&D Maintenance Manager at Arizona Public Service. “It also allows us to evaluate how optical sensing systems can improve our system performance and our equipment safety.”

This new system is also designed to demonstrate reliable protective capabilities over the next several years. Key components include two NxtPhase products, the L-PRO and the TESLA, both of which have been selling commercially in the market for several years. The L-PRO line protection relay is connected in a ring bus configuration to protect the high-voltage line. The TESLA recorder monitors signals from both conventional transformers and the NXVCT, triggering capture of detailed information during specific situations such as switching, system disturbances, or faults on the line. TESLA also captures long-term trend data of all signals to demonstrate stability of signals over time.

About NxtPhase
NxtPhase Corporation provides digital and fiber optic solutions that will change the way high-voltage electric power is managed in a competitive electric power industry. Optical sensing products offer more accurate digital information, broader dynamic range, wider bandwidth, improved safety, and environmental benefits compared with conventional technologies. The APT relay and recorder line provides smart, easy-to-use protection and monitoring of electrical power systems. Future development will enhance the ability to use data interactively across the electric power grid.

NxtPhase is a privately held corporation with development and manufacturing offices in Phoenix, Arizona; Vancouver, British Columbia; and Winnipeg, Manitoba. Find out more about innovative NxtPhase solutions at www.nxtphase.com.

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