OATI webOASIS provides open access transmission alternative

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 26, 2001 — The OATI webOASISSM is now being used by the Associated Electric Cooperative Incorporated (AECI) to publish the availability of open access electrical transmission services and meet the requirements of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Other transmission providers that will soon be posting transmission service availability on the OATI webOASISSM include TVA, Big Rivers Electric Cooperative, and East Kentucky Power Cooperative. Open Access Technology Incorporated (OATI) has developed the FERC mandated OASIS [OASIS — Open Access Same-time Information System — is used by electric system transmission grid operators to publish the availability of transmission line capacity for usage by power generators to deliver energy to consumers] to provide a value-added alternative for transmission system operators to increase revenues from the operations of their transmission grid as well as to provide the familiar OATI Internet portal presence to the customers of AECI and other transmission system operators.

OATI, an application service provider (ASP), currently provides transaction management services to every transmission system operator in the eastern portion of the North American electric grid and a majority of the grid operators in the remainder of North America. In addition, OATI provides nearly all energy market participant organizations its Internet based software tool, OATI webTagSM, that generator owners and energy marketers use to arrange the delivery of energy to distribution companies and other wholesale market participants.

The OATI webOASISSM builds upon the familiar concepts of the OATI electronic transaction tagging services and is the first commercially released OASIS alternative since the initial OASIS rollout required by FERC orders 888 and 889 in 1996. OATI webOASISSM incorporates many best-practices and lessons-learned in its design and performance and includes an improved security model that utilizes state of the art SSL digital certificate technology, Java programming advantages for an intuitive user interface, advanced data mining capabilities, and integration options for data posting maintenance and NERC E-Tag validation.

Secure access to the AECI transmission product offerings posted on the OATI webOASISSM is provided with OATI webCARESSM digital certificates. The OATI webCARESSM system provides assurance that data transfers will be protected from alterations or false representation by imposters. In addition, OATI certificates ensure that the data being transferred is securely encrypted and safe during transport over the public Internet.

Kevin Sarkinen, OATI e-commerce engineering manager explained, “In addition to OASIS security technologies, the electric energy industry has largely remained status quo in its presentation of the transmission system product offerings via OASIS. OATI is the way to the next generation Phase-2 OASIS by implementing solutions that provide FERC open access compliance as well as integration with transmission system management and procurement software systems that can also reduce the cost of procuring or providing transmission grid services.”

The OATI webOASISSM meets all OASIS requirements of the FERC in addition to providing integrated access to NERC reliability related software solutions provided by OATI that give near real-time operating information and value-added analytical capability to the North American power grid customers and operators.

Please visit http://www.oatiinc.com/products or send an e-mail to sales@oatiinc.com to obtain more information about the OATI webOASISSM service and other OATI products.

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