Oncor Texas Trails program to benefit Texas recreation areas

Dallas, April 21, 2011 — Oncor will begin to transform pathways under parts of the company’s transmission rights-of-way into hike and bike trails as part of the new Oncor Texas Trails program. These trails will help create pathways that will be integral parts of the communities Oncor serves.

The Oncor Texas Trails program is a key part of a broader Oncor initiative to align Oncor’s assets and expertise with community needs. Throughout the year, Oncor employees will be asked to volunteer their time to support this new program as well as other Oncor community service programs.

Oncor already has a number of hike and bike trails in its transmission rights-of-way. The Oncor Texas Trails program will allow Oncor to work proactively with the communities we serve to design a template for recreational use of transmission rights-of-way, including native and low maintenance landscape designs.

Oncor employees and the community may also have the opportunity to participate in the planting of landscape and maintenance of certain trails. The Oncor Texas Trails program will become a model for other community-led projects involving Oncor’s transmission rights-of-way.

The Oncor Texas Trails program is also a key part of Oncor’s commitment to supporting health and fitness initiatives, such as the Mayor’s Youth Fitness Initiative that Oncor currently sponsors with the city of Dallas.

Oncor hopes that the hike and bike trails will lend themselves to health and fitness oriented events such as community walks, runs, rides and other fitness activities along the trails. These types of events illustrate the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and provide an outlet to community members to practice a healthy lifestyle.

In the coming months, Oncor will work with the city of Richardson to design and complete the landscaping on a portion of Owen’s Trail, an existing trail on a section of Oncor’s transmission right-of-way. As part of the planning, Oncor will work with the city of Richardson to determine how Oncor employees will be able to volunteer their time to be part of this project.

The Oncor Texas Trails program is part of Oncor’s ongoing commitment to the communities we serve. More information on the Oncor Texas Trails program and the inaugural Richardson Trail project will be available in the coming months.

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