Osmose acquires Coherent Networks’ FastGate/Utility Division

Buffalo, NY, June 12, 2002 — Osmose, Inc., announced recently the acquisition of Coherent Networks’ FastGate/Utility Division.

Osmose is a provider of predictive and preventative maintenance services for distribution and transmission systems, including field data-collection supporting GIS, joint use, and reliability initiatives.

Coherent Networks has led the development of software used to capture and enhance network data and to deliver high-quality information to a wide range of electric and gas utility target systems.

The combination of Coherent’s advanced data-management software with Osmose’s asset-management and data-collection services will provide the utility industry with a new range of solutions that rapidly connect physical network asset data with the systems that are used to improve network monitoring and management.

Osmose’s services are designed to reduce costs and manage risks associated with T&D systems. Coherent’s FastGate software is designed to lower costs for data development, data migration, and data maintenance, while improving the performance of outage management, engineering analysis, and other utility systems that require high-quality data.

“This unique combination of resources allows both companies to accelerate the development of products and services that utilities require to meet their regulatory, reliability, and financial objectives,” said Larry Larson, Corporate Vice President at Osmose’s Utilities Division. “We’re particularly excited about the great fit between Osmose services and Coherent technology, especially its FastGate software, which will allow us to broaden Osmose’s product and service partnerships. Combining these resources allows us to provide utilities with systems and services that connect the most accurate data about distribution systems and components to the key data repositories and operations support systems that utilities rely on.”

Osmose has deployed Coherent’s FastGate Mobile software on recent projects that require the field capture of network data while optimizing the value of data residing in legacy systems. Graphically representing and manipulating complex utility network data in the field has proved problematic, until FastGate Mobile. These recent projects have demonstrated the value of bringing Osmose’s field project management and data-collection expertise together with Coherent’s sophisticated data-capture and data-development software. The resulting field survey strategy promises to improve productivity and reduce the cost of capturing and validating highly accurate network data. The direct benefit to utilities is faster implementation of operations support systems, improved performance, and more practical and affordable data-migration projects.

“Integrating the FastGate product into Osmose’s offering really breaks new ground in the utility industry,” according to Tom Petrik, President of Coherent’s FastGate/Utility Division. “Now we can provide large and small utilities with highly accurate data about their networks and quickly get this information to the applications that are critical to operating their transmission and distribution systems effectively and efficiently. This includes everything from acquisition of network data in the field all the way to data-population of the major operations support systems common to utilities. There’s no other solution out there that can offer this kind of comprehensive data service.”

The use of configurable FastGate Mobile software to capture network data in the field allows changes and additions to be made directly to source GIS data loaded on a handheld device–revamping and automating the old-fashioned, traditional method of field data collection. The updated source data can then be enhanced and validated using the automated tools of the parent FastGate software. The end result is a sharp increase in the efficiency and precision of a data-collection process and a parallel increase in the accuracy and completeness of the captured data. These improvements allow Osmose to enhance the quality of a wide range of data collected in the field, including joint use status, pole condition, customer-to-transformer connections, and circuit data.

The data-collection approach offered by Osmose and Coherent Networks also provides utilities with a path forward for maintaining the data gathered during any collection initiative. The data-maintenance process can use the same software, the same handheld devices, and the same data-gathering and manipulation processes that were used during the field survey phase. The approach thus simplifies the integration of data-maintenance into the utility’s larger business processes and at the same time provides a single source for acquiring data needed to drive utility systems such as GIS, OMS, engineering analysis, pole loading, and design/estimation applications.

About Osmose
Osmose, Inc., is a provider of asset-management solutions for electric and telecommunication networks. Pole inspection, treatment, and restoration lead a diverse list of predictive and preventative maintenance services that Osmose provides. To enhance the reliability of utility data systems, Osmose offers field capture of inventory, connectivity, and phasing information to support network models, mapping, joint use, and GIS initiatives. Engineering services include structural load analysis using O-Calc(tm) software. Inspection and maintenance of steel towers and padmount transformers, and vegetation management are also offered. To learn more, call Larry Larson at 716-882-5905 or visit http://www.osmose.com/utilities.

About Coherent Networks
Coherent Networks uses advanced gateway technology to provide data-management solutions for power utilities worldwide. The company’s flagship product–FastGate gateway software–offers an effective strategy for accessing data from diverse sources, augmenting and integrating that data, and delivering it to a wide range of target systems. As a result, FastGate allows utilities to deploy outage management, energy management, and other enterprise systems quickly and efficiently and ensures that the data used to drive these systems is high-quality, validated information. For more information, call Tom Petrik at 315-433-1010 or visit www.coherentnetworks.com.

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