Osmose and Coherent Networks tapped to perform data-collection and migration project for AEP

BUFFALO, N.Y., Sept. 10, 2002 — Osmose Inc. and Coherent Networks Inc. have been selected to perform a major data-collection and data-migration project for American Electric Power Co. (AEP) in the utility’s Southwest Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) service region.

The SWEPCO service region is located in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas and covers 5,436 square miles. Osmose and Coherent Networks successfully completed a pilot project for AEP on a circuit in Longview and Kilgore, Texas, involving 4,155 customers.

Osmose, which will furnish and manage the field crews necessary to conduct the project, is a provider of predictive and preventative maintenance services for distribution and transmission systems, including field data-collection supporting GIS, joint use, and reliability initiatives.

Coherent Networks is a major developer of data-management software and solutions for power utilities. Coherent will configure its FastGate Mobile software for the data-capture effort and use its parent FastGate software to automate the data-migration and enhancement processes.

The full project requires FRAMME primary network data for the SWEPCO service territory to be integrated with pole, customer, and other facility data sources, then brought to the field for collection of supplemental information and ultimately migrated to a Smallworld GIS. In addition, a new landbase will be provided, with facility data accurately positioned on that landbase.

Accurate customer-to-transformer connections will also be established in the Smallworld data, together with other data needed to support the implementation of outage management and other systems that rely on accurate, complete GIS information.

The project involves a massive data-collection effort, with Osmose field teams using FastGate Mobile software as the data-collection technology. This field-audit strategy ensures that all network data matches the actual features of the physical network, rather than merely replicating the data of the existing source systems. Migration of data to the Smallworld GIS, together with data validation and enhancement processing, will be largely automated using Coherent’s configured FastGate software.

“Osmose and Coherent Networks are providing a solution that meets AEP’s needs for data quality, project schedule, and price,” said Robert Butera, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Utilities Division at Osmose. “Compared to a conventional conversion approach, our use of FastGate technology offers a faster, more economical means of gathering, validating, and migrating network data.”

FastGate Mobile data-capture software, which incorporates various data-editing and manipulation features of its parent FastGate gateway product, is designed for use in PocketPC handheld devices to accelerate collection and maintenance of network data for GIS, CAD, and other asset repository systems. Designed to help streamline the process of collecting and validating network data, FastGate Mobile works in conjunction with FastGate gateway software to improve data quality and to help gas and electric utilities speed the implementation of new systems.

About Osmose

Osmose, Inc., is a provider of asset-management solutions for electric and telecommunication networks. Pole inspection, treatment, and restoration lead a diverse list of predictive and preventative maintenance services that Osmose provides.

To enhance the reliability of utility data systems, Osmose offers field capture of inventory, connectivity, and phasing information to support network models, mapping, joint use, and GIS initiatives.

Structural load analysis, inspection and maintenance of steel towers and padmount transformers, and vegetation management are also offered. To learn more, call Phil Halsch at 716-882-5905 or visit www.osmose.com/utilities.

About Coherent Networks

Coherent Networks, Inc., an Osmose company, provides data-management solutions for power utilities worldwide. The company’s flagship product–FastGate gateway software–offers an effective strategy for accessing data from diverse sources, augmenting and integrating that data, and delivering it to a wide range of target systems.

As a result, FastGate allows utilities to deploy outage management, energy management, and other enterprise systems quickly and efficiently and ensures that the data used to drive these systems is high-quality, validated information. For more information, call Joseph Schmidt at 315-433-1010 or visit www.coherentnetworks.com.

Source: Coherent Networks, Inc.

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