Osmose announces creation of Data Services business unit

BUFFALO, NY, Jan. 6, 2003 — Osmose Utilities Services, Inc., a provider of predictive and preventative maintenance services for utilities, has established a new business unit that provides data solutions designed to help utilities increase the performance and reliability of their key operational support systems.

Osmose’s new Data Services unit helps electric, telecommunications and gas utilities maximize operational efficiency and system reliability by providing up-to-date asset information through advanced software that validates and enhances data used by geographic information systems (GIS), engineering analysis, outage management and other key utility systems.

The new business unit combines the resources and expertise of Osmose and Coherent Networks Inc., the developer of FastGateâ„- software. Earlier this year, Osmose acquired Coherent, a developer of applications used to access data from diverse sources, enhance and validate that data and deliver the high-quality product to the data repositories and end-use systems most commonly found in the utility industry.

About Osmose Data Services

The new Data Services business unit at Osmose combines the advantages of FastGate technology, software development expertise and the resources and utility knowledge of the Osmose organization. This combination provides a comprehensive range of data solutions that includes data gateways to specific systems, data migration and enhancement services, and development of custom databases and applications for functions such as joint use and pole plant management.

One of the solutions offered by Data Services is a new field-survey approach that combines data collection and project management expertise with FastGate Mobile software. The results is an accurate and efficient capture of field asset data, automated validation and enhancement of that data, and delivery of final data in the format required by the designated FIS, CAD, outage management, joint use or other asset repository.

About Osmose

Originally founded as a wood preservative company in 1934, Osmose Holdings, Inc., has a history of development of new products and services related to the wood preservation technology and associated markets.

Osmose Utilities Services Inc., one of several Osmose companies, is a provider of asset-management solutions for electric, gas and telecommunications networks. It serves utilities through field crews deployed across North America, providing field inventory, pole maintenance and inspection, and capture of data related to joint use, vegetation status and other network conditions. Osmose also provides maintenance for padmount transformers and steel towers, grounding services and right-of-way management.

The company’s new Data Services business unit specializes in data solutions geared toward improving customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance, management of network assets and system reliability. The business unit is headquartered in Buffalo, NY.

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