Osmose announces the formation of Enspiria Solutions

BUFFALO, N.Y., Oct. 14, 2003 — Osmose, a provider of maintenance services for distribution and transmission systems has established a new subsidiary, Enspiria Solutions Inc.

The new subsidiary will provide business process, technical consulting, and systems integration solutions to dramatically change and improve the way utilities operate and manage their transmission and distribution energy delivery assets, and interact with their customers, partners and suppliers.

Leveraging a wealth of industry experience, extensive business consulting, and information technology services, Enspiria Solutions combines proven business process and technology frameworks to deliver working business solutions for utility clients.

Enspiria Solutions will leverage certain existing synergies with another Osmose company, Osmose Utilities Services, Inc., to provide integrated business process optimization, IT enablement, and data and field services to its clients. Osmose Utilities Services provides up-to-date asset information and advanced field collection solutions and services to validate and augment information essential to geographic information systems (GIS), engineering analysis, outage management and other key transmission and distribution operational and asset management systems.

“We are very excited about adding another key element to our portfolio of utility offerings. Enspiria Solutions will enable us to provide critical assistance to our clients at the heart of their business challenges in asset management and operational excellence,” stated Jim Spengler, Chairman and CEO of Osmose Holdings Inc.

“The U.S. energy sector is characterized today by ever increasing requirements on reliability, stability, and cost effectiveness with ever decreasing resources. For utilities to prosper, they must maximize their efficiencies across the entire enterprise and asset base. Enspiria Solutions will build upon Osmose’s foundation of rich utility history and service portfolio to offer comprehensive solutions to clients seeking to revolutionize their operational efficiencies and asset effectiveness,” said Ivo Steklac, President of Enspiria Solutions.

About Enspiria Solutions

Enspiria Solutions Inc., headquartered in Denver, CO, was founded by a group of former senior Convergent Group experts, and bases its foundation on the fundamental objective of reducing client risk by delivering proven solutions in optimum time, thus helping utilities increase the performance and reliability of their key assets and operational support systems.

Enspiria Solutions’ focused offerings include needs assessment services, business case development, strategic planning, vendor evaluation and selection, business process optimization, system architecture design, systems implementation and integration, and managed services.

About Osmose

Originally founded in 1934, Osmose develops new products related to wood preservation technologies and utility asset maintenance service activities.

Osmose Utilities Services Inc., one of several Osmose companies, is a provider of asset-management solutions for electric, gas and telecommunications networks. It serves utilities through field crews deployed across North America, providing field inventory, pole maintenance and inspection, and capture of data related to joint use, vegetation status and other important network conditions.

Osmose also provides maintenance for padmount transformers and steel towers, grounding services, and right-of-way vegetation management.

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