Osmose makes mobile field data collection process available for direct use by utilities

BUFFALO, N.Y., March 12, 2003 — Osmose Utilities Services Inc., a specialist in field data collection for power utilities, has made its mobile field data collection process available for use directly by utilities.

The FastGate® Mobile data-capture process integrates software and workflows and has increased worker productivity and data quality in Osmose’s own field crews, the company said.

FastGate Mobile software, which incorporates sophisticated data-editing and data-validation functionality, is designed for use in handheld devices to accelerate collection and maintenance of network data for GIS, CAD, and other asset repositories.

Designed to streamline the process of collecting and validating network data, FastGate Mobile provides utilities with an advanced means of capturing accurate, as-built data from the field. This improves data quality and helps gas and electric utilities improve the performance of outage management, engineering analysis, and other key systems.

“We’re using FastGate Mobile on numerous field data-collection jobs and have found a tremendous reduction in total project cost,” said Joseph Schmidt, Manager of Data Services Sales for Osmose Utilities Services. “This breakthrough product lets field crews, installers, and other mobile users collect accurate data very quickly. The process is designed to consider the entire flow of data from back-office systems such as GIS, CIS, and work management out to the field, and from the field back to the source systems. It’s ideal for initial data collection, for data verification during conversion and migration projects, and for data maintenance going forward.”

Useful in large or small data-capture initiatives, FastGate Mobile simplifies coordination of massive amounts of data, including landbase and facility information, customer data, equipment data, and more. The software is easy to configure to the needs of individual utility clients, and it facilitates rapid creation of the electrical and customer connectivity that are crucial to the effective operation of outage management, engineering analysis, and other utility-oriented systems.

“Customers who see our crews using FastGate Mobile have been so impressed that they asked Osmose to make it available for their own use,” notes Larry Larson, President of Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. “The product has been designed and refined by hands-on field-survey workers, so it offers true efficiency improvements–it’s not just a replacement for paper maps. We’re using FastGate Mobile on major network connectivity and customer-to-transformer linkage projects, streetlight audits, third-party attachment surveys, and network inventory audits. The software and the process are designed expressly for the utility realm.”

About Osmose

Founded as a wood preservative company in 1934, Osmose has a long history of successful development of new products and services related to wood preservation technology and associated markets.

Osmose Utilities Services, Inc., one of several Osmose companies, is a provider of asset-management solutions for electric, gas, and telecommunications networks. It serves utilities through field crews deployed across North America, providing field inventory, pole maintenance and inspection, and capture of data related to joint use, vegetation status, and other important network conditions. Osmose also provides maintenance for padmount transformers and steel towers, grounding services, and right-of-way management, as well as utility-oriented products such as asset-marking systems and pole maintenance products.

The company’s Data Services business unit specializes in data solutions geared toward improving customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance, management of network assets and system reliability. The business unit is headquartered in Buffalo, NY.

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