The SIMEAS P digital power meter, designed for power stations and industrial and commercial installations, features built-in Profibus DP high-speed communica- tions capability up to 12 Mbps. Information includes 3-phase power, energy, power factor, frequency, total harmonic distortion, voltage unbalance, current unbalance, and demand calculations as well as stored minimum and maximum values.

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Power Meter

Power Meter

The QUAD4 MAXsys 2510 from Siemens is a feature-loaded, direct-access, polyphase power meter that brings versatility and value to power generation, transmission and substation applications. The 2510 packages a billing meter, revenue meter, power quality analyzer, intelligent electronic device, mechanical loss compensator, transducer and small point-count remote terminal unit into a single device. It is one of the first meters to provide these features in a direct-access meter with multiple communication ports that can interface with multiple protocols.

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