Microgrid Tester

Power Standards Lab Inc. (PSL), has released Grid Thumper, a solution for testing the stability of microgrids, distribution grids and back-up power systems. When subjected to stand-alone certification testing, individual pieces of grid equipment (generators, inverters, UPS, transfer switches, etc.) almost always operate correctly. When they’re connected together as a system, exactly how their control loops will interact is unknown. Grid Thumper rigorously tests complete, connected systems, including active distribution grids, detecting harmful instabilities that would otherwise be invisible. It uses patent-pending technology to briefly connect large, time-synchronized resistive and reactive loads—up to a megawatt, often for a tiny fraction of a second—then ultra-precise PSL PQube 3 and microPMU sensors record the grid’s system response.

Power Standards Lab Inc.


IoT Platform for Utilities

Landis+Gyr has launched Gridstream Connect—what it calls a next-generation Internet of Things platform for utility, consumer and smart city applications. Gridstream Connect is built to seamlessly and securely integrate smart devices using a variety of communication protocols and vendors. This enables utilities to push sensor technology to the grid edge for smart community and smart home applications, while preparing for changing distribution strategies. Built on an IPv6-enabled architecture, Gridstream Connect features support for multiple communication technologies—such as RF mesh, LoRa and cellular—under a single network. This provides greater options for utilities to deploy layered intelligence with connected computing power at the grid edge, at the community level and across the distribution system. Networked meters, sensors and devices can run applications and interface autonomously with third-party devices and software platforms to control streetlights, EV charging stations, solar invertors and environmental sensors, along with an array of distribution assets.



Laser Measurement Solution

Esri, announced the new software release of Survey123 for ArcGIS mobile application with Spike, a laser measurement solution by ikeGPS. This paired technology dramatically accelerates field data capture and asset inspection activities. Spike allows users to measure hard-to-reach objects from a distance simply by taking a photo with their smartphone or tablet. Users can then capture real-time measurements from that image, including areas, elevations, distances between two points, and GPS/GNSS location. Use of the Survey123 integration with Spike will be of particular interest to organizations that routinely utilize mobile workflows for asset and facilities management, field asset inventories and inspections, damage assessments and tactical operations including disaster response. Using Spike with Survey123 relieves fieldworkers of the burden of carrying paper maps to find the object of interest and lugging multiple pieces of specialized, expensive measuring equipment. Instead, with just a single mobile device, fieldworkers can locate the correct asset, record measurement data and report accurate data directly back to the office. The Spike laser device mounts to smartphones and tablets and connects via Bluetooth with the mobile device’s camera. Survey123 with Spike runs on Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones and tablets.



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