Real-Time Automation Controller

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) has released the SEL-3555 Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC). It provides an Intel Core i7 2.5 GHz dual-core or 2.1 GHz quad-core processor. For substation automation projects, it includes an integrated video port and a human-machine interface (HMI) for localized viewing and control. All products in the RTAC line include a real-time operating system and provide 1 ms deterministic automation processing cycle times using an IEC 61131-3 logic engine. For time-critical automation and control projects, the SEL 3555 is up to 55 times faster for large projects that incorporate fast logic and HMI visualization. Additional features include modular port expansion that offers up to 10 independent Ethernet ports or up to 26 EIA-232/485 serial ports; redundant power supplies that improve availability when connected to two power sources; HTML5 technology that supports enhanced graphics for the Web-based HMI; configuration monitoring functionality that detects and alerts when changes are made to the connected intelligent electronic devices; and a generic flex parser that allows the SEL-3555 to communicate with most any device. The SEL-3555 provides reliable operation in harsh environments and is designed and tested to withstand vibration, electrical surges, fast transients and extreme temperatures. It also meets or exceeds the requirements of IEEE 1613, Standard Environmental and Testing Requirements for Communications Networking Devices in Electric Power Substations. Configuring the SEL-3555 is intuitive using the included ACSELERATOR RTAC SEL-5033 software, and projects can be exported from one RTAC product to another, simplifying migration of projects to the SEL-3555.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)



Rugged, Continuous-pan, Visible/Thermal Video Surveillance Systems

Sierra-Olympic Technologies, a supplier of infrared and thermal imaging components, cameras and systems solutions for advanced imaging applications, introduces the Oculus series by Silent Sentinel Ltd. The environmentally-rugged outdoor video surveillance systems feature simultaneous visible and thermal imaging outputs. The continuous zoom optical cameras, available in standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD), are paired with fixed field of view (FOV) thermal imagers to provide full daytime/nighttime video surveillance capabilities. The system’s pan stage offers 360 degrees continuous rotation; the tilt stage can be set for one of two modes at -90 degrees viewing and full +90 degrees tilt. The Oculus systems are compact, durable, efficient and support industry-standard interfaces compliant with most security and surveillance system architectures. There are four thermal pan-tilt-zoom surveillance video systems in the Oculus series. All systems can be specified with HD or SD visible cameras and thermal imaging modules with a variety of fixed FOV optics. Visible and thermal imagers are enclosed in rugged pan and tilt casings for 24/7 use in all outdoor environments.

Sierra-Olympic Technologies



4G Radio Module for Distribution Automation Devices

Sensus has developed a 4G/LTE radio module for distribution automation (DA) devices that use 4G AT&T GSM/GPRS cellular networks. The company’s DA customers can remotely communicate with a range of endpoint devices in the field, including capacitor bank controllers, reclosers and fault current indicators. These devices support network optimization applications such as Volt/VAR management, feeder communications, and fault location isolation and service restoration. Customers can use cellular networks or the Sensus FlexNet communication network for DA applications. Providing customers with a choice among a FlexNet system, cellular network or a hybrid of the two offers customers a solution to cover their service area. The Sensus FlexNet system is a long-range radio network that provides a scalable and reliable communications infrastructure that enables smart cities. The range of the point-to-multi-point network reduces the number of access points required to capture and transmit data. Public service providers using the FlexNet communication network can support multiple applications that increase operational efficiency and customer engagement. The large inventory of licensed spectrum ensures customers have the bandwidth required to support future data requirements.




Mobile Feld Service Management

ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd. has announced Service Networks for Contractors, a new mobile field service management solution that synchronizes the scheduling, dispatch and work completion between businesses and their contractors. Enterprises can manage their network of contractors to adhere to service level agreements and have better visibility and control of the service delivery process. Contractors simultaneously maintain their autonomy in running their businesses. Customers benefit from harmonious service delivery with minimal discontinuities. With this management solution, contractors are better equipped to plan and execute the delivery of service, enabling them to book and complete more jobs. The operations enable contractors to collect payment faster because of the ability to provide proof of service in real-time at the time of job completion. The solution shortens invoicing and payment cycles to increase reimbursement rates and help drive revenues. Consumers receive immediate benefits, including access to timely and accurate information like contractor location, estimated arrival time and job status. By creating a transparent process, regardless of whether the service is performed by internal employees or third party technicians, the consumer experience improves.

ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd.



Miniature Circuit Breaker Delivers Extended AC/DC Ratings

The new SU 200 M miniature circuit breaker (MCB) from ABB offers an extended rating of 40 amps at 277Y/480 Vac to protect larger loads, a dual AC/DC rating to reduce the number of SKUs required for inventory, and a durable housing to help prevent damage during shipping and handling. The SU 200 M MCB, part of ABB’s System pro M compact MCBs, offers extended AC and DC ratings up to 40 amps at 480Y/277 volts AC (C and Z trip curves). The DC ratings are 48 volts for single-pole and 96 volts for multi-pole applications. The dual AC and DC ratings allow for a reduction in inventory. SU 200 M MCBs have a reference temperature at 104 F, in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the Canadian Standards Association, for use in enclosures, panelboards and other warm-environment applications. The SU 200 M MCB combines the ratings of three products into one for UL 489 protection in branch circuits, which also enables inventory reduction by requiring fewer stock-keeping units. In addition, it is fully compatible with existing UL 489 System pro M compact accessories, including auxiliary/signal contacts, shunt trips and busbars, which further reduces inventory and eliminates the need to update bills of materials. The SU 200 M MCB offers a housing made of a halogen-free thermoplastic that resists damage and breakage in transit, and makes the SU 200 M MCB recyclable. It also features laser-printed markings that are durable and easy to decipher for fast and lasting identification of approvals and product attributes, including number of poles, trip curve and amperage. The SU 200 M MCB is compatible with all current UL 489 accessories.



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