Grid Analytics System

Sentient Energy Inc. announced the availability of its “Disturbance Analytics” capability with the latest version of the company’s Grid Analytics System.

The electric grid experiences disturbances or deviations from the steady-state power flow thousands of times each day on every feeder under load. Sentient’s Master Monitor 3 (Mm3à¢â€ž-) always-on line sensors with oscillography capture these disturbances in detail, classify them by type, and focus on the waveform signatures of potential equipment failures and indicators of incipient service disruption.

With intelligent sensors and Disturbance Analytics in place, these power flow deviations no longer remain undetected. This powerful tool directs preemptive patrol and maintenance crews to affected grid locations, effectively enabling utilities to avoid potential momentary and sustained service disruptions. It reduce outage frequency, resulting in both momentary average interruption frequency index (MAIFI) and system average interruption frequency index (SAIFI) reductions.

Sentient Energy


Direct View LED for Command and Control

Mitsubishi Electric US Inc. Visual and Imaging Systems Division introduced its new VS-15NP160 narrow pixel pitch (NPP) indoor direct-view LED. The Mitsubishi VS-15NP160 is designed and built to address the demanding needs of continuous operations in any command and control room. The space-saving LED display can be used as an alternative to LCD flat panels and rear-projection cubes in applications that require seamless displays with dynamic image continuous 24/7 operation.

It is built in Mitsubishi Electric’s factory in Japan and features 240×270 mm (9.5àƒ–10.6 inch) display modules consisting of SMD 3-in-1 LEDs clustered in true 1.5 mm pixel pitch, housed in 480×540 mm (18.9àƒ–21.3 inch) cabinets. The modular units allow simple and flexible installations, as well as easy care and maintenance of the display. An array of 18 modules, configured six across and three down, creates a display with 1080 pixel resolution and a 444,444 per square meter pixel density.

Mitsubishi Electric U.S. Visual and Imaging Systems


Rugged Tablets

DT Research’s newly enhanced DT311 rugged tablets will deliver integrated hardware-software encryption capabilities with a secure camera option to address data security and image transmission vulnerabilities during field operations. Enhancements to the DT311 deliver unique integrated hardware-software security encryption and secure camera control in a highly durable, mobile tablet design. An additional upgrade to the DT311 rugged tablet line includes a sixth generation Skylake CPU for high performance, increased screen brightness to 800 NITS for superior viewing in sunlight, and a fanless design for increased durability.

The DT311 will include an encrypted SD card slot that leverages software encryption from Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and TPM 2.0 to secure data. Users can remove sensitive data in an encrypted format to avoid theft and loss of data if the tablet is misplaced or stolen. The DT311 takes full advantage of advanced Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS security including Device Guard enterprise hardware and software security features that allow the tablet to run trusted applications with TPM 1.2 and 2.0 support.

DT Research


Extended Range Metering Current Transformers

Peak Demand Inc. announced its next generation of high accuracy, extended range metering current transformers. The AltaTM series of 600 V current transformers exceed the highest rated accuracy level of IEEE C57.13 by accurately measuring current within +/- 0.15 percent down to 1 percent of nominal current. This allows more accurate metering and billing, especially during periods of low or variable loads.

In an independent utility study, high accuracy current transformers generated more revenue for utilities in a side-by-side comparison of three services. In addition, high accuracy current transformers measured 0.24 percent to 0.82 percent more kilowatt hours.

Extended range current transformers allow utilities to standardize their meter multiplier on a single ratio across their distribution network which simplifies warehouse inventory.

Peak Demand Inc.

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