Reliant Energy reaches out to customers impacted by Ike

Houston, TX, Sept. 18, 2008 — In the wake of Hurricane Ike, Reliant Energy is taking calls from any member of the community who needs to report conditions related to electricity service at their home or business and conveying that information to the local transmission and distribution utility. Reliant Energy agents are available 24 hours a day at their call center.

Reliant Energy is providing support at three Houston Multi-Service Centers that are serving as emergency shelters for those displaced by the hurricane. These locations normally serve as Reliant Energy Beat the Heat Centers. The company provides snacks, drinks, activities for adults and children as well as transportation to and from the locations if needed.

“This hurricane has created an extraordinary hardship for everyone along the upper Texas coast,” said Mark Jacobs. “We at Reliant want to do what we can to help as the Gulf Coast community works to recover from this disaster.”

Reliant is urging their customers to stay safe during the recovery period by recommending that they leave dealing with downed power lines to field professionals.

Reliant is also recommending that those who have Internet access visit for post-storm tips and links to local and federal programs that are offering hardship assistance.

As power is restored, Reliant Energy is ready with a range of newly created and existing programs to help those who are experiencing financial hardship resulting from Hurricane Ike. The programs include:

* Assistance with bill payments, including extensions, payment plans and average billing, depending on the customer’s specific needs.

* Temporary suspension of late fees and disconnections for nonpayment for all customers in areas impacted by the hurricane.

* A voluntary moratorium on disconnection of electric service through the end of September for low-income seniors, critical-care, and other low-income residential customers who contact Reliant Energy and agree to a payment plan.

Plans for additional customer and community programs will be announced in the days and weeks ahead as needs are identified.

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