Report: Power industry transmission investment remains strong

Washington, D.C., May, 1, 2012 — In looking at over 100 electric transmission projects either planned or underway, a new report by Edison Electric Institute finds that its member electric utility companies plan to spend at least $64 billion (nominal dollars) on expected transmission system improvements through 2022.

This investment will be on top of the about $77 billion (in 2010 real dollars) that EEI member companies invested in transmission infrastructure improvements between 2001 and 2010.

“Although not a comprehensive compilation of all projects that are being undertaken by our member companies,” said EEI’s vice president of energy delivery, James P. Fama, “the sampling of projects highlighted in the EEI report, ‘Transmission Projects: At A Glance, March 2012,’ highlights the electric power industry’s commitment to investing in needed and beneficial transmission infrastructure over the next 10 years.”

The report presents a brief overview of each EEI member company surveyed, as well as information about their representative project, including a project map, brief description, estimated cost, current status, project partners and intended benefits.

A minimum project investment threshold of $50 million for transmission system projects was applied to the selection of projects contained in the report. However, a lower threshold of $20 million was applied for transmission supporting the integration of renewable resources and a $10 million investment threshold was applied to any smart grid projects that an EEI member selected to showcase. The report focuses on projects completed, or expected to be completed, in 2011 through 2022 (this represents a 1 year back-looking and 10 year forward-looking window).


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