RTE develops asset management solution with CoSMo

The Complex Systems Modeling Co. (CoSMo), developer of system-driven predictive analytics software, launched an asset investment planning solution, developed in partnership with a European utility, Réseau de Transport d’Électricité (RTE).

With more than 65,000 miles of lines, RTE’s grid is the biggest in Europe, and the AIP solution developed by CoSMo and RTE will provide the utility and regulators with a predictable model for determining optimal trade-offs between spending (OPEX & CAPEX) and electrical transmission reliability.

This system is the fruition of CoSMo’s modeling and simulation platform for complex systems, which can and will be duplicated for other critical industries, addressing the behaviors of their most complex systems to make them more predictable, manageable and efficient.

“In most countries, electrical assets (transmission lines, transformers, and other critical components) are reaching their end of life and, as a result, those utility markets are facing an unavoidable wall of investment. In the meantime, distributed generation is starting to impact when and where new investment should be made,” said Marc-André Forget, CEO of Ossiaco, a leading consulting boutique in the electricity industry. “CoSMo’s AIP solution, by allowing a holistic view of the investment portfolio (CAPEX and OPEX) and its capacity to simulate the impact of any decision – including risk and quality of service – will simplify and transform utility industry relations with stakeholders (including public utility commissions).”

Unlike traditional AIP solutions that consider systems in silos, working with a partial picture by considering each class of asset separately and not taking into account the dynamics of interactions, CoSMo’s first holistic AIP solution incorporates a detailed representation (model) of the transmission grid. This includes all physical assets and also all human resources, financial metrics and constraints and their interactions in time. It enables utilities to make optimal investment decisions based on the best predictive models.

This software, called Management and Optimization of Network Assets-Electric Utilities (MONA) is developed in partnership with RTE, with CoSMo providing its complex systems modeling and simulation platform and methodology, allowing it to create system-driven predictive analytic software.

“The CoSMo AIP solution is unique and brings a holistic and dynamic approach, which allows the system to be optimized globally, achieving the best results for RTE,” said Olivier Grabette, deputy CEO of RTE. “It allows us to find the most efficient maintenance policies in terms of cost, electricity quality, environmental impact and security. This optimization of our transmission assets is fundamental for RTE, which spends annually $780 million in maintenance and refurbishment, which is constantly increasing – an issue all electric transmissions utilities are facing.”

This AIP solution dedicated to electric utilities is the first of many applications that will leverage the MONA platform to create similar game-changing solutions for rail, gas transmission, communication and other highly complex networks. It is also the first CoSMo solution representing only one of the potential applications that can be developed based on CoSMo’s predictive analytic solution.

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