S&C launches asset monitoring services for electric grid

Chicago, June 4, 2012 — S&C Electric Co. introduced new asset monitoring services for critical electric grid equipment.

These services include PureWave CBM Condition-Based Monitoring for S&C‘s PureWave family of power quality products, which are applied worldwide at renewable energy plants and critical facilities such as data centers, factories and hospitals.

PureWave CBM, powered by AlsoEnergy’s cloud-based software platform, can help equipment owners improve the reliability of their power systems and extend equipment life.

Additionally, S&C introduced asset-monitoring services for S&C automation and communications products as well as other products not manufactured by S&C, such as power transformers.

S&C uses pre-installed or deployed sensors to gather real-time condition information on critical equipment, and monitors this equipment 24 hours a day at S&C’s global support and monitoring center. In the event conditions fall outside normal parameters, an alert is sent to the technical experts on duty, who will then work with the asset owner to resolve the issue.


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