Safe Software adds OGC WFS client support to FME

Vancouver, B.C., May 13, 2003 — Safe Software Inc. announces it has added Open GIS Consortium Web Feature Services (OGC WFS) Client support to its entire product line, including its flagship data transformation product FME (Feature Manipulation Engine).

“We are very excited to see FME becoming compliant with the OGC WFS specification as this will allow FME to seamlessly interoperate with WFS compliant servers,” said Dave McIlhagga, President, DM Solutions Group. “For users this will result in a generic solution for ingesting remote datasets, regardless of the vendor software that is serving the data.

“FME’s OGC WFS client reads GML formatted geo-spatial data streamed from WFS Servers adhering to version 1.0.0 of the OGC WFS Implementation Specification. Data extracted from the WFS can be transformed and manipulated by the FME framework and ultimately output in any of the dozens of formats FME supports for later use in 3rd party applications.

“We are pleased to support another important OGC specification”, stated Dale Lutz, Vice President of Development, Safe Software. “As more WFS servers come online, FME users will be able to employ a wide selection of spatial data directly into their existing workflows.”

A current list of the known compliant OGC WFS Servers that FME has been tested against can be found at Safe Software expects that in time, this list will grow to include dozens of sources of feature data from all over the world. Users and WFS site administrators are welcomed to contribute new sites to the list.

More about OGC WFS
OGC Web Feature Services are an evolutionary, standards-based framework that enables seamless integration of a variety of online geo-processing and location services. For more information visit

More about FME
FME Suite is an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool for spatial data. It consists of three main components: a translator, a transformation editor, and a viewer. FME Suite also includes developer tools and coordinate conversion support. A free evaluation of FME is available at

More about Safe Software
Safe Software Inc. is a provider of Spatial ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) technologies. Safe Software provides both spatial data transformation solutions and professional services. For more information, visit


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