Schneider Electric launches data center assessment services

West Kingston, R.I., June 11, 2012 — Schneider Electric introduced EnergySTEP Data Center Assessment as part of a line of energy management services for the data center.

The EnergySTEP Data Center Assessment is a detailed, customizable assessment of the power, cooling, physical infrastructure and operational efficiencies of a data center that allows data center managers to benchmark the performance of their facility against industry standards such as the Green Grid Data Center Maturity Model.

The assessment focuses on improvements that will help the data center manager drive down the spiraling cost of energy, while ensuring maximum availability.

The EnergySTEP Data Center Assessment allows data center professionals to customize an assessment service that will help them meet energy usage goals, business needs and financial targets. The extensive data collection and analysis is performed by a Schneider Electric Energy Management Services Specialist with expertise in both data center operations and energy management.

The comprehensive report generated by the assessment provides vendor neutral recommendations including detailed findings illustrated with various graphics and benchmarks of performance. The specific recommendations for improving efficiency and maximizing availability include estimated cost savings and an ROI analysis.

Additionally, these findings and recommendations can be presented in accordance with the Green Grid Data Center Maturity Model Equalizer. This model benchmarks performance in 46 aspects of the data center and enables mapping of the steps required to achieve greater energy efficiency and sustainability.

The complete line of assessment services, including both the EnergySTEP Data Center Assessment and the initial EnergySTEP1 entry-level assessment enable data center performance benchmarking, which is an important step toward effective energy management.

Data Center Assessments are part of a larger portfolio of services offered by Schneider Electric to support customers throughout the Data Center Services Lifecycle, to assist in planning, design, building operation maintenance and optimization of their facilities.

Additional services include energy management software, remote monitoring and the design and build of energy efficient data centers. Schneider Electric’s goal is to provide the expertise, tools and services required to develop a comprehensive energy management strategy for the data center.

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