Siemens deploys giant circuit breakers in India

Mumbai, November 14, 2011 — Siemens unveiled a giant circuit breaker, a critical equipment that would enable India to lay high voltage 1,200 kV transmission lines to evacuate energy from large power plants.

The 1,200 kV circuit breaker jointly developed by Siemens‘ engineers from India and Germany with support from Power Grid Corp. of India, would help transmit over 6,000 MW power (1.5 times the load of Delhi) to long distances with low transmission losses.

A circuit breaker is an automatically operated electrical switch that protects an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload. It detects a fault condition and unlike a fuse, it can be reset automatically to resume normal operation.

Power Grid, as part of India’s National Grid agenda, is currently implementing a 1,200 kV system that would more- than- double the transmission capacity of the line from the existing 800 kV line.

There is a pressing need for such a system as ultra mega power projects are heading for commissioning from next year and many independent power producers are facing difficulty to ship power.

At least 36,000 mw capacity is coming up under the UMPP scheme and a total of one lakh mw power is expected to be added in the next few years. For this a highly efficient, high capacity and reliable power transmission system is imperative.

For this 35 companies from both the private and public sectors have partnered with Power Grid to make such a power transmission system possible.

Every company is developing a particular component for this system.

The new 1,200 kV system will need less than half the space used by the existing 800 kV system and help India leapfrog into a new transmission age.

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