Silver Spring Networks expands partner program with 10 new partners

Silver Spring Networks welcomed 10 new members to its global partner program, including BEC Technologies, Chameleon Technologies, DigitalGrid, Intwine Energy, Millenium Electronic PTY LTD, MMB Networks, Phasefale, Sophos, Telescada and Wireless Glue.

Silver Spring’s IPv6 networking platform has connected more than 13 million homes and businesses worldwide and its standards-based technologies underpin an open ecosystem.

Silver Spring also introduced a new Network Test Kit for ISV partners to help speed integration and interoperability testing. This new kit complements the previously released Home Area Network Test Kit for DSM partners, Distribution Automation Test Kit for DA partners, and Software Development Kits for Advanced Metering, DA, and DSM partners.

The new Network Test Kit enhances the numerous existing interoperability and integration toolkits developed for Silver Spring partners:

·      The Home Area Network (HAN) Test Kit for Demand-Side Management (DSM) Partners: This kit enables HAN device vendors to certify interoperability of ZigBee SEP 1.x commands between their in-home device and the Silver Spring Communications Module.

·      The Distribution Automation (DA) Test Kit for DA Partners: This kit enables DA device makers to verify that DNP3 traffic is successfully traversing Silver Spring Bridges.

·      A series of Software Development Kits for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), DA, and Demand-side Management Partners: These kits include software testing environments for a variety of Silver Spring UtilityIQ modules and technical support time to verify interoperability between the partner’s software and the UtilityIQ modules.

Silver Spring and more than 30 of its partners are showcasing their innovations at DistribuTECH, the utility industry’s leading smart grid conference and exposition. To learn more about growing smart grid opportunities, Silver Spring Partner Program benefits, and next-generation technologies, visit Silver Spring at Booth No. 1412, Exhibit Hall G.


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