Silver Spring Networks partners with Metrix on smart metering as a service

Networking platform and solutions provider Silver Spring Networks struck a partnership with Metrix, a metering service provider, to leverage the Silver Spring networking platform to deliver smart metering-as-a-service to retail energy providers.

The joint deployment between Silver Spring and Metrix will be for Counties Power, a transmission lines company serving more than 37,000 customers in New Zealand’s North Island. Metrix, a division of Mighty River Power, has deployed more than 330,000 smart meters in the greater Auckland area and is expanding into other areas to meet the increasing demand for smart metering services.

Counties Power is leveraging Silver Spring’s Gen4 networking technology for smart metering and smart grid deployments. In New Zealand’s disaggregated energy market, lines companies oversee energy distribution while energy retailers are responsible for deploying smart meters to end customers. Counties Power and Metrix will partner to use Silver Spring’s networking platform and UtilityIQ head-end software to deliver smart metering-as-a-service to their energy retailer clients.

The joint Silver Spring and Metrix deployment with Counties Power is scheduled to begin in late 2013.

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